Posted by: Suzan | March 28, 2020

How to Ride the Waves of the Coronavirus Tsunami

photography of man surfingThe Coronavirus – it’s like a Tsunami hit us overnight – we’re awash with change.

It all feels so bitter and strange.

My world feels upside down and

My happiness feels like a painted on clown.

Where do we go next? What do we do?

When everything is different – the ways are all new.

It’s like hiking paths unknown.

What we need to do is trust we will be shown.

frozen wave against sunlight

Lean in to the voice of Spirit.

The closer we are – we can hear it.

It’s time to have Faith as we’ve never known before.

These are turbulent times for sure.

Requiring our inner and outer strength to get through it

In order to  not lose our moor.

We must rely on our grit and our wit.

Come together even if it’s online.

Together we can heal this planet and shine

When we trust more in the power of the Divine.

Suzan Tusson-McNeil ©2020



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