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Upcoming Playshops

What is an Arts Playshop?

  • It’s like a workshop yet it’s a lot more PLAY than work.
  • It’s a chance for you to create, be curious, and make discoveries about yourself in a safe environment with other like-hearted women.
  • Currently they are on-line (Zoom) so you can participate from the privacy of your home (anywhere in the world)!
  • There is No Requirement to be an Artist to participate in these Playshops – only your willingness to explore and have fun! (If you are an artist, that is fine too)! This is NOT an art class! We focus on the healing PROCESS of ART, not the end result. 

What’s NEW just for YOU?

Play Date with Art

child embraces creativity

In addition to offering playshops and coaching, I’m launching Play Date with Art!

  • These are FUN, enlightening mini-playshops bringing women together in community for creative connection. (75 minutes in length).
  • Topics can help you expand your creativity, rediscover your life purpose, and enhance your well-being (a deeper body, mind, and soul connection).
  • Your inner-child (that little girl within you) will jump for joy. She loves to play.
  • Maximum 7 participants (women only unless stated otherwise)
  • Offered online and also in-person in San Diego (when it is safe to do so)
  • The investment is $20.00 per person (paid in advance). New playshop participants can apply $10.00 credit towards an upcoming playshop (within 3 months).


Play Date with Art!

Journey to Your Future Self


Thu October 7th: 2-3:15 pm PST/3-4:15 pm MT/4-5:15 pm CST/5-6:15 pm EST

  • Join us for a journey 10 years out to meet your wise woman within!
  • Integrate her wisdom for more flow, creative renewal, clarity, life purpose and joy.
  • You will experience a guided visualization and then capture what you’ve learned through art and/or writing with opportunities to connect and share with others.

“I appreciated being invited to share and discover in a fresh and artistic way. I loved it all!” Laurie Clements


Calm Your Inner-Critic So You Can Create

inner critic

Thu Oct 28th 2-3:15 pm PST/3-4:15 pm MT/4-5:15 pm CST/5-6:15 pm EST

  • Learn insightful ways to become more aware of your inner-critics (aka: gremlins).
  • Discover easy, playful approaches to calm your inner-critic so you can CREATE. 
  • You will experience a fun art activity to help you externalize the inner-critic. This takes a lot of its power away. 
  • Opportunities to connect and share with others.

During Suzan’s class, I recalled two circumstances of shaming that occurred while doing creative activities. Although I have found workarounds, these shaming incidents were connected to creativity and being in front of a group of people. Suzan’s gentle approach to working with the Inner Critic prompted me to clear these traumas. I now choose to be ‘positively’ singled out for success and to express my unique creativity!
Jannine Oberg, M.S.

“Something I’m taking from the class is the inner-critic is always there. We can calm it down and control it instead of it controlling us.” SB

“I most appreciated getting outside the box inspiring me to take time to do creative projects. Baby steps toward a goal are ok.” TC



july playshio

July Playshop 


Listen, Learn, and LOVE Your Body Playshop 

Thank you Suzan for being the fantastic facilitator of FUN! Plus you navigated us like a pro. You hold space for magic. I could feel it. I’m taking away priceless info from my dialogue with diabetes.” Lisa L., Agent of Evolution

In this Listen, Learn & Love Your Body PLAYSHOP you will:

  • Learn powerful ways to listen to your body’s wisdom.
  • Explore what you need to feel healthier with less pain and more energy.
  • Discover easy, creative techniques for your well-being that you can do on your own.
  • Participate in an engaging, experiential expressive arts program including: a body scan, meditation, movement (dance), art making, and reflective writing.

The next playshop is scheduled over 2 Thursdays: December 2 and 9  (2-3:30 pm PST/3-4:30 pm MT/4-5:30 pm CST/5-6:30 pm EST). Please contact me for questions and/or to enroll.

6-22 and 6-29-21 L, L, L Your Body Playshop

June, 2021 Playshop

Playshop Soul Portraits

Recent Soul Portrait Online Playshop in 2021

Soul Portrait (3)

Create a Mandala based on a diagnostic tool from the Ancient Maori Tribes (of New Zealand)

Soul Portrait Playshop 

  • Learn which areas of your life to focus your energy this year, and where you can rest
  • Understand how to support your health and well-being within a balanced lifestyle
  • Have fun and gain more clarity for your direction and purpose
  • By-pass your ego to get another perspective on life

Public Programs ONLINE (Zoom) for Women only. Maximum 6 participants.

Tuesday, March 9th 2-4 PM PST/3-5 PM MT/4-6 PM CST/5-7 PM EST

Thursday, March 25th 1-3 PM PST/2-4 PM MT/3-5 pm CST/4-6 PM EST


Rise up Women (a Spiritual Group) – open to the public (by donation) on Zoom

Wednesday, February 10th and 17th (a 2-part playshop) 10- 11 am PST/11-12 MT/12-1pm CST/1-2 pm EST

1 hour each

Public Program ONLINE (Zoom) for Women only. Maximum 6 participants.

Tuesday, February 2nd 2:00 pm PST/3:00 pm MT/4:00 pm CST/5:00 pm EST

2 hours

Saturday, January 16th 9:00 am PST/11:00 am CST/12 noon EST

90 minutes

Soul Portrait Playshop 

Private Program ONLINE (Zoom) for Women only. 

Tuesday, January 12th   3:00 pm PST/5:00 pm CST/6:00 pm EST

90 minutes

Tell me MORE about the Playshops!!!

  • Form a Group for an Intimate Online Playshop with your family, friends, or co-workers! Maximum 6 Women. The host is free (minimum 5 including host)!
  • Investment is typically $20.00 per person, per hour. Payment link will be sent (for credit cards). I accept PAYPAL and VENMO.
  • Bring a Friend and you will each receive $10.00 off !!
  • Meanwhile, Check out a popular Online Playshop here!
  • Please Contact me with any questions or to book a playshop! 
  • Please note that we do not refund or make transfers of money. If you are booked and need to cancel, we will move you into another playshop.

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