Art Journaling

What is Expressive Arts?

Go deeper with the healing modalities of expressive arts (movement, art, creative writing, acting, sound, music, meditation, and imagery). Participating in expressive arts is NOT about being an artist. The mere act of creating art (in any form) is healing.

The expressive arts playshops and 1:1 sessions we offer typically have 2 or 3 different modalities.

You will engage in a healing, therapeutic process and make art for the sheer pleasure of it.

Reconnect with your body’s wisdom, your soul’s longing, and your playful side.
Take a deeper dive into your healing process.

What is the Person-Centered Method?

The approach I use is the Person-Centered method, a philosophy I learned from the late Dr. Natalie Rogers. Her father, Carl Rogers, a Humanistic Psychologist created this method which holds that each individual has worth, dignity, and an innate ability to reach her full potential.

Using the Person-Centered Method I guide you toward your truth and respect your ability to find your own answers.  I believe you are creative, resourceful, and whole.

This work is therapeutic yet it does not involve therapy. I am not trained as a therapist or counselor. I am certified as a Person-Centered Expressive Arts Coach and Facilitator (masters level program), Life Coach, and Servant Leader. I also have extensive training in Health and Wellness Coaching.

Click here to learn more about Person-Centered Expressive Arts

What exactly are Playshops?

Work which is playful and fun! Have fun and explore in a safe space using powerful expressive arts tools!

Do I need to be an artist to participate?

No, you don’t have to be an artist–all you need is the willingness to play and enjoy yourself.

I now feel open to new goodness and opportunities to move into my life. I allow the Kindergarten spirit to roam in my world.”                                                                                    
Heidi, Wellness Coach (specialty brain injury) http://www.graymatters4u.com

What benefits can I expect?

Participants have experienced stress relief, reduced anxiety and a sense of calm, lightness while feeling more energized. Gain clarity and insight with the issue you’re exploring. Be supported and encouraged each step of the way along your journey.

Who can this help the most?

Anyone at all can benefit from these transformational personal growth “workshops” and 1:1 sessions where you can also have fun during the process. We have seen exceptional results from women going through life transitions, or experiencing health-related issues. This work is valuable for women who feel overstressed, disconnected and long for ease and joy. It’s also helpful for women with a tendency to be perfectionistic (hard on oneself) who want to feel freedom of expression and live more from SOUL. Overall women learn to give themselves full permission to indulge in creative play as a way of life.

Where are these programs offered?

Private sessions (1:1), public playshops, and private playshops are all offered online via Zoom at this time.

Most of the playshops can be adapted for corporate or non-profit groups online. These programs are ideal if you’d like your employees to become more cohesive as a team, more innovative and creative with how they approach their work and learn ways to feel less stress.

Please let me know how I can help make a positive impact for you and/or your group!

Have more questions? Please complete the form below and I look forward to answering them!

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