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Listen, Learn, and LOVE Your Body Playshop 

Would you like a deeper awareness and more freedom from your health issues?

Would you like a greater sense of calm and grounding with all that’s going on in the world?

6-22 and 6-29-21 L, L, L Your Body Playshop

Former Online Listen, Learn and Love Your Body Playshop

 I have a miracle story from your class. Remember my intention was diabetes-get some real answers! I heard from diabetes “this is old energy, not in your energy field anymore.” I had my lab test and my A1C numbers dropped significantly! Woohoo!!!! Thanks again, you held the perfect space for true healing to happen! Lisa Lanzetta, Shamanic Guide, Mentor, Teacher

“I felt supported and seen. You felt like a friend listening with compassion. I appreciate the easy going and lighthearted attitude that you brought to the group. Loved your positive feedback and empathy. I will take away that my body is communicating with me, and there is wisdom and possible healing through journaling and dialoguing.” Rachel Forsyth

“What I’m taking away is I need to spend more time creating art – knitting or creating sketches for fun. It boosts my mood. I’ve been able to get into a flow state when creating a picture. It’s fun and the time flies by.” HAC, Scientist 

The next Private Playshop for the Foundation for Living Beauty https://www.livingbeauty.org/

is scheduled

Saturday, May 21st 10am-3pm. PST

The next Public Playshop is scheduled over 2 days: Wednesday, June 15th and Wednesday, June 22nd 10-11:30 am HST; 1-2:30 pm PST; 2-3:30 pm MT; 3-4:30 pm CST; 4-5:30 EST.

Investment: $58.00 each (bring a friend and you each receive $10.00 off = $48.00)

This is also available as a PRIVATE PLAYSHOP. Let me know if you’d like more information


This on-line playshop for women can help you learn an insightful, and fun process to communicate with whatever pain/health situation you’re dealing with. Discover what your health situation needs from you in order to heal. Essentially you can give your health issue/pain a voice!

Many participants have reported a lessening of symptoms and in some cases, complete relief from their pain/health situation after this playshop. Although this result cannot be guaranteed, you will learn a powerful method to listen to your body’s wisdom utilizing the arts.

This work is the outcome of my own powerful journey to learn to live in and also love my body after many traumatic experiences where I often checked out when young. The former Louise Hay (prolific author, founder of Hay House publishing, and speaker) was also an inspiration for this work. The belief is that the health situations/pains we experience act as messengers from our bodies (ultimately our SOULS) to communicate what we need to do/be for our greatest capacity to heal.

Please bring a health “issue” to the playshop to dive deeper into for more awareness (can be a health condition you experience or a pain in your body). A health issue can include anything at all. Some examples include back, shoulder or hip pain; anxiety; arthritis; an autoimmune situation; insomnia; etc. The most important thing is to know where you feel it in your body (to be able to tune into it clearly). You may also bring a health “issue” which has resolved to explore. It’s important to also notice what is going well for us in our bodies! Both situations can lead you to the same place of greater awareness!

The playshop will include:

A body scan meditation

Authentic movement (without sound)

Art Making and Reflective Writing

Opportunities to Share and Deepen Your Experience (highly experiential)

The online playshops are intimate: ONLY 7 women participants max!

Investment: $58.00 total

If you invite a friend you will each receive $10.00 off – $48.00 total for both sessions

You do not need to be an artist to participate.

Our focus is on the healing process of creating art together!

Playshop Soul PortraitsInvestment: $29.00 (Bring a friend and you each receive $5.00 off) so only $24.00

 Photo from Online Soul Portrait 2021
Suzan was inspirational, warm, and funny – a natural at bringing everyone together andcreating an open and accepting atmosphere. We were expertly guided in creating a Maori Soul Portrait, an exercise that helped us see where we
needed to focus our energy and goals for a balanced physical, emotional, and spiritual life. I can’t wait to do
another workshop with her!” – Dawn R., Helping Parents Heal
“It felt very friendly and intimate, even on Zoom. Suzan was very organized and playful in guiding us on a journey where we all shared. I’ll take away the importance of looking at all areas of my life. There are unique ways to reflect on my life.” Susie

Soul Portrait (3)

Create a Mandala based on a diagnostic tool from the Ancient Maori Tribes (of New Zealand)

This is also available as a PRIVATE PLAYSHOP! Please let me know if you’d like more information.

No Public Playshops until 2023 for Soul Portraits

This ancient diagnostic tool developed by New Zealand Maori Medicine Men,
was researched by Dr. Angeles Arrien, Cultural Anthropologist, who
experienced living with the tribe. In the old days, the “portrait” was drawn in
the sand with a stick, on each birthday, to welcome the new year.

Soul Portrait Playshop 

  • Learn which areas of your life to focus your energy this year, and where you can rest
  • Understand how to support your health and well-being within a balanced lifestyle
  • Have fun and gain more clarity for your direction and purpose
  • By-pass your ego to get another perspective on life

This playshop will include:

  • a guided visualization
  • art process (where you do not need to be an artist – we focus on the healing process of making art together).
  • creating your own Maori Mandala based on Universal Transformational Life Symbols. You bring simple art supplies (crayons/colored pencils/markers), your paper, and journal.
  • Interpretations of Maori Mandalas based on ancient wisdom are shared and will be emailed to you.
  • Plenty of opportunities to share throughout. This is highly experiential.

Investment: $39.00 (bring a friend and you each receive $10.00 off = $29.00 each)


Meet Your Wise Woman Within!

  • Join us for a journey 10 years out to meet your wise woman within!
  • Integrate her wisdom for more creative renewal, clarity, life purpose and joy.
  • Experience a guided visualization, a sacred journey to your future self to explore and rediscover your inner-wisdom. Have fun creating art and journaling to reflect what the visualization reveals.
  • Connect with like-hearted women!
  • Being an artist is not required. We focus on the healing process of creating art not the end result!!

Next Playshop: Nothing is scheduled at this time.

Investment: $29.00 (bring a friend and you each receive $5.00 off) = $24.00

“I appreciated being invited to share and discover in a fresh and artistic way. I loved it all!”  Laurie Clements

“Something I took away from the experience was to trust and have the faith that all is in divine order for my life.” Marianna Pinto

*Please note that we do not make refunds or transfers of money for the playshops. If you need to cancel you can move to another playshop.

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