On-Line Playshops

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Listen, Learn, and LOVE Your Body Playshop 

Would you like a greater sense of calm and grounding with all that’s going on in the world?

Would you like a deeper awareness and more freedom from your health issues?


This on-line playshop can help you learn an insightful, and fun process to communicate with whatever pain/health situation you’re dealing with. Discover what your health situation needs from you in order to heal. Essentially you can give your health issue/pain a voice!

Many participants have reported a lessening of symptoms and in some cases, complete relief from their pain/health situation after this playshop. Although this result cannot be guaranteed, you will learn a powerful method to listen to your body’s wisdom utilizing the arts.

The premise of this work is that the health situations/pains we experience act as messengers from our bodies (ultimately our SOULS) to communicate what we need to do/be for our greatest capacity to heal.

A health issue can include anything at all. Some examples include back, shoulder or hip pain; anxiety; arthritis; an autoimmune situation; insomnia; etc. The most important thing is to know where you feel it in your body (to be able to tune into it clearly). Please bring a health “issue” to the playshop to dive deeper into for more awareness (can be a health condition you experience or a pain in your body).

The playshop will include:

A body scan meditation

Authentic movement (without sound)

Art Making and Reflective Writing

Opportunities to Share and Deepen Your Experience

This on-line playshop is 3 hours and takes place over 2-3 days (within the same week).

Please stay tuned. We will be scheduling these soon!

Meanwhile I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

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