Posted by: Suzan | April 4, 2022

Five Ways to be Nurtured by Nature

In the midst of world chaos, along with personal challenges, nature’s splendor can be a gratifying diversion. I find myself drawn to the spring wildflower which can push itself up, even through rocks, to burst into bloom. True role models in resilience and determination.

Being in nature is my happy place. It’s my go to for stress/anxiety relief, peace, calm, beauty, and lightness for my steps. What do you most appreciate about nature?  

The earth laughs in flowers. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are my Five Favorite Ways to be Nurtured by Nature:

  • Camping – This is a way to get off the grid completely and tune into the great Earth Mother! Feel fully supported by the ground beneath you. There is work required whether you have a tent or camper yet it can return you to the basic essentials of life. Simplicity can be a beautiful thing.
  • Gardening – Create a flower and/or vegetable garden. Take your shoes off and feel your feet on solid ground. Plant new seeds and experience their growth from “farm to table.” If you don’t have space, see if there are community gardens in your area. For example, we rent a community garden space behind a church and can walk there from our home!
  • Backyard Yoga – Do your yoga outside. It could be an online class (bring your laptop outside)! You could gather some friends to do yoga together on a regular basis. During Covid two of my girlfriends (one of them is a yoga teacher) created our backyard yoga class three times a week (now it’s about 2 times). It saved us during that challenging time (and still does) as we were nourished by nature, yoga and friendship outdoors.
  • Solo Hiking/Biking/Walking – Savor some alone time by meandering along a beach, lake, hill/mountainside or whatever nature preserve you enjoy. Make sure you have enough water, snacks, and sunscreen, etc. Use this time to LISTEN. Be curious and open to what you may discover!
  • Walk and Talks with Friends – Alternatively plan a hike or nice long walk with a friend to catch up rather than the phone or Zoom (if at all possible). Get out and move together while soaking up the best of Mother Nature. Observe your energy revitalize and your friendship deepen!

Photo Credit: Suzan Tusson-McNeil Copyright 2022


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