Posted by: Suzan | December 19, 2021

2022 – A Brand New YOU

The following eleven tips, from a confessed goal junkie, are highlights from more than 20 years of motivating clients and herself to achieve intentions:


–They must be in alignment with what you personally value most NOW or you will not be motivated to pursue them.


–They must cause you to stretch and climb out of your comfort zones. When you feel a little uncomfortable that is a good sign!


–Remember that your goals are not set in stone. Life happens and sometimes you may need to shift course. If that happens be gentle with yourself and make a course correction.

–If you find yourself avoiding a goal, it is OKAY to ask,

Is this what I really want? If it isn’t, give yourself permission to scratch it off the list and move on to what you really want.


–Your goals are exactly that – YOURS. Do not make them the property of your family members or friends. Make sure they are yours.

Ask, Whom am I doing this for?


–Achieving a goal is like running a marathon. It is NOT a series of 100-yard sprints. If you approach them in that way, you will wear yourself out. Be gentle and patient with your progress. Accomplish it bit by bit and you CAN achieve it. An anonymous quote that I once read sums it up well, Yard by yard life is hard, inch by inch it’s a cinch!


–Be careful with whom you share your precious dreams and goals with. Naysayers will drag you down. Negative people and pessimistic thoughts will drain your energy. Surround yourself with positive people. Only share your dreams and goals with those you know you can trust.


–Watch your self-talk and keep it positive. Fill your mind with encouraging words. Whenever you can, read uplifting materials and affirmations. Every time you make a decision ask, Does it take me closer to or further from my goal? (You might add, “Is it giving me or taking my energy?) And there is your answer!


Build your own support system. If you really want your goals, yet feel afraid, ask, Whom can I turn to or what can I do to support myself in taking a step toward this goal? Call a close friend or family member who understands and will listen. Find a support group. Hire a life and/or business coach to encourage and guide you. The hand that reaches out will ALWAYS be grasped by another. TRUST! If the fear of failure or rejection ever nudges you, reassure yourself with this beautiful message from nature (an anonymous quote I ran across), Use the talents you possess, the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best). (Also remember that the birds that sing best have spent years practicing)!


–It is your determination that achieves your goals – more than your talents! Review your goals daily (each morning when you wake up and each evening before you go to bed). Visualize the completed goal(s). Take the action(s) step by step. Imagine a 500 pound marshmallow stands in your way, eat it bite by bite – otherwise it is too much of a challenge to swallow. Ask, What am I waiting for? Reminder, This isn’t a dress rehearsal. This IS life. What are you waiting for?


–Be aware of the distractions that steer you off course. Have a plan to distract your ‘attraction to distraction.’ Then work your plan each day. Consider eliminating things from your life to create more space for your goals to flourish and then take action. (ie. Let’s imagine that your distraction is watching television. The hours you expend watching the tube could instead be spent creating what you want. What is it for YOU? How willing are you to have what you really want for your life?)


–When you complete a goal – reward yourself with a treat (ie. schedule a massage, dinner out with a friend or buy concert tickets of your favorite group). Sing your own praises. Let everyone know!  (Now you can have chats with the naysayers). You deserve this recognition. Release the tendency to rush on to the ‘next thing.’ Take the time to acknowledge your accomplishments. Bask in the radiance of PURE JOY.


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