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Suzan Painting in Mo’orea

Where I Began – Personal Story

As a child I had a close relationship with my father, an artist, often sitting on his lap as we painted together. During the summers our family visited national parks where I learned to honor the Earth.

At 11 years old my father developed a mental illness, bipolar disorder, which went undiagnosed for years. He became someone I didn’t recognize-dismissive and violent. My dad no longer allowed me to speak at home, or express myself.

Soon afterward my inner-critic took over my life. He said, “You can’t paint so why bother. It really isn’t any good.” I allowed the inner-critic to win−for more than 30 years.

In my 40s a client who worked as a professional artist suggested we do a trade. I took 6 months to paint a Monet reproduction under her guidance, and my life force energy transformed. I felt alive with purpose again as a creative being and haven’t stopped painting (and other art forms) since!

The journey to reclaim myself (which began in my 20s) has also included talk therapy, 12 step programs, bioenergetics, expressive arts therapy, mindfulness meditation, Toastmasters, and life coaching. I now participate in Speaking Circles learning Relational Presence, take voice lessons, have taken many improv and acting classes, and occasionally perform in community theater.

Passion for Travel

I’m a life adventurer preferring to collect experiences, not things. Exploring the world, immersing in cultures and new lands is my passion and I’m fortunate to be married to my best friend, Jim, and fellow traveler. We married on the top of Mount Whitney (the highest mountain in the contiguous United States at 14,495 feet) so the adventures for us began early on. We’ve since been to over 40 countries together including West Africa where we rode 2000 miles around Tanzania and Kenya, camping. We more recently traveled throughout the South Pacific with one highlight being driving a camper van around breathtaking New Zealand during its leaf changing fall season! If you’d like some travel tips, check out our travel blog: http://www.WeBeNomads.com

Business Background

I recently completed a 2-year Masters level program, Person-Centered Expressive Arts for Healing and Social Change with the Person-Centered Expressive Arts Institute. The Founder, Natalie Rogers, passed away a year ago and is considered “The Mother of Expressive Arts.” I am merging the powerful healing arts with 15 years experience in coaching as a certified Life Coach from CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and also as a certified Health and Wellness Coach (from Wellcoaches).

My background also includes many years in hotel operations management and training/consulting. I also worked for several years in the non-profit sector program area focusing on violence prevention and intervention. I helped lead an event in San Diego which reached 18,000 schoolchildren.


I enjoy developing and delivering engaging, interactive programs on Creative Wellbeing. The following are available:

  • Public Programs are scheduled at various locations, and also for intimate groups of women in my art loft at home. Click HERE for more information.
  • Corporate Programs for employees.
  • Private programs (e.g. women’s retreats)
  • Speaking to Women’s Groups

Please let me know if I can bring a program to your women’s group (many topics/time-frames are available).

Finally, I graduated from SDSU in Speech Communication with distinction so my love for speaking goes way back.  Here I am presenting at a Day of Wellness for a women’s group in Orange County. Click here to view the clip.

I look forward to helping you express yourself fully and Take Flight.

 Don’t Die with the Music Still in You.  Dr. Wayne Dyer

 “Suzan helped me see things in a much clearer light, and gave me insight about what was foremost in my mind. She also helped me “connect the dots” by pointing out the connection between things and feelings and what they meant. I think you did a phenomenal job and I would heartily recommend this to others. You are awesome at connecting the dots!
Writer, http://www.pagestothepast.com








  1. Hi Wise within one,
    I think your blog is great and very welcoming. I’m trying to figue mine out and this is inspiring to me at the moment in many ways. Keep climbing!


    • Thank you Tara. I’m glad you found my blog inspiring. I really like your blog (your poem is lovely)! Great template – goes very well with your poem too.
      Suzan : )


  2. Hi Suzan, I love your site and what is is about. It is quite inspiring. I’ve added you to my blogroll, I hope that’s okay! Thanks for being here!



    • Thanks Ellen for supporting my blog. I appreciate being added to your blogroll.


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