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Women at P.L.A.Y!

Women at P.L.A.Y!  Peace, Love, and Acceptance of Yourself after 40 provides numerous practical resources on how to improve your health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). 

Self-care moves to the top of your list. You will also explore what you are most passionate about NOW and learn how to incorporate this into your life.

Women at P.L.A.Y! will help you become more self-aware. You are guided to reconnect with your own wisdom to make the best choices for your life.



“Suzan Tusson-McNeil’s inspirational stories offer encouragement.  She shares from her heart how she overcame many life challenges to inspire you to live well in spite of any “past baggage.” Suzan’s abundance of ideas and solutions to expand your well-being are based upon her work empowering hundreds of women over 40 and her personal triumphs.”

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Interview with Paula James, The Art of Moving Well


“In “Women at P.L.A.Y!,” author Suzan Tusson bares her soul as she shares her compelling life stories and experiences to encourage women to embrace a life in alignment with their deeper values and desires.  This book is a must read for any woman who wants to express their truth and follow their passion to live a more authentic life.”

Sandra Schrift, Speaker, Career Coach ,

“I am a commuting flight attendant, which means I have very little time for self care. I loved Suzan’s book because it actually shows me what I can do on a daily basis to improve my life and provide more balance. Her stories were captivating and appropriate to the subject matter.  I love the idea of a partner/coach to support these changes. I am currently instituting the food journal to track my bad habits and clean things up. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is stressed, possessed and needs focus!”

Liz Livingston, Flight Attendant

“Suzan writes with clarity and a rich simplicity on how to access the wise woman within each of us.  I loved her candid personal stories to illustrate her important insights and the plethora of practice options.  I couldn’t put the book down once I started it!”

Debra Valentina, Life Coach and Facilitator, HeartIgnited LLC,

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