Posted by: Suzan | May 2, 2022

Being Our Own Mothers

While Mother’s Day traditionally allows us to honor mothers of children, we can also celebrate women who mother furry friends as well as those who have made a difference in other’s children’s lives. It can also be a powerful time for reflection on how nurturing we are as our own mothers.  

How well do you give yourself the undivided attention and unconditional love a mother would offer her child?

As Mother’s Day approaches contemplate the following three positive qualities of a mother. See how well you are practicing these as your own mother. Remember to be kind to yourself and celebrate all that is going well. Take a soft look to discover any areas where you could love yourself more.

  • Unconditional Love: A mother offers a love which is deep, all-accepting, safe, nurturing and warm. Do you love yourself exactly as you are? What if you could be kinder to yourself? Unconditional love is also about how we talk to ourselves (our inner-dialogues). Practice listening randomly to your thoughts throughout a day. Carry a small notebook and jot down the positive thoughts, and any which seem negative. Ask yourself if you would talk to a child in this same self-talk language? As needed practice replacing negative talk with something more supportive.
  • Forgiveness: Motherhood is a daily act of forgiveness. Do you offer yourself that same grace?
  • Supportive and Encouraging: Motherhood is about being a positive role model – fully available to help the child feel seen, heard and understood. A mother looks out for her children and only wants the best for them. How well do you listen to yourself (your body, intuition, soul)? Many women find it easy to be of service to others (their children, others’ children) – how are you at putting yourself first by pursuing what brings you joy?

After reflection you can ask yourself on a scale of 10-1 (10 = devoted mom to yourself, 1 = long way to go to) How are you at nurturing yourself moment-to-moment? You may want to sit quietly and go inside for your answer. Becoming our own nurturing mothers is often not an easy journey, no matter our age. There is always room to love ourselves even more.


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