Posted by: Suzan | March 17, 2020

The Only Way Out is IN

silhouette of a man on a rock

The Only Way Out is IN

The Only Way Out is IN,

Is this our newest universal lesson?

Our panting Earth needs to slow down to begin AGAIN.

To release our hardened views and open up to true Compassion.

Perhaps we were all far too busy,

Feeling life needs to satisfy “me.”

woman sitting while showing heart sign hands

Love is all there is

The Earth breathed a heavy sigh

as she wondered why

We can’t seem to get along

Pointing our fingers making everyone else wrong.

Then Mother Earth sobbed with her need for care.

Asking why respect for her precious beauty has become rare.

We only have one world.

Now it’s where the Covid 19 pandemic has unfurled.

We must distance from one another.

Feels like a baby taken from its mother.

Most businesses are closed.

Life as we’ve known it has too.

Yet in its place – what if our soul knows

we CAN meet this challenge anew.

When feeling trapped with nowhere to escape,

we can dig deeper in our hearts for our Super Person cape.

Move our outer focus more within.

Can we finally realize the only way out is in?

Suzan Tusson-McNeil ©2020



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