Posted by: Suzan | April 18, 2020

Ode for the Sunflower from the Sun


93890207_10220126684891111_2606982150091702272_oAh yet another rain shower,

Prime time for flower power.

Time to shine and

Be kissed by the Divine.

Instead you whine.

Thoughts stuck on rewind.

Listening far too much to your mind

Whose nickname is ego.

You can’t seem to let go.

Stretching deeper into the soil

Creates toil.

Anchoring in the stronghold of a root,

Tuning out truth

For fear of (the sun).

Feeling no protection

You wilt, scorched.

Your leaves – torched.

You shrink away

Not wanting to stay.

Feeling so alone,

Forgotten, unknown.

Not realizing how you’ve grown.

As I (the sun) whisper…SHINE.

Like me you’re a mirror of the Divine.

Share your light.

You’re a beautiful sight.

You matter as much as me.

or a star, a sturdy mountain, a branch, or a tree.

Reach out with your brilliance.

Take that chance.

Life is a continual balance.

It’s a swirling dance.

Sometimes it’s too much and at others not enough.

In spite of life’s foibles which can sometimes be rough,

Know that you’re made from magical stuff.

You are so needed here.

Shine little sunflower for the strength of the Source is near.

You’re safe now – you can release your fear.

Suzan Tusson-McNeil Copyright 2020


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