Posted by: Suzan | April 5, 2016

Staying on Course


Stay on Course (mountain biking)

Mountain Biking can be a great teacher about staying on course. I’ve learned that when the path is rocky it requires more focus and concentration. When it is smooth I can move faster while appreciating the calm. Sometimes going faster can prevent a fall, even through the rough stuff. If I slow down too much I can get stuck in it or tumble.

Mountain Biking teaches me to be alert, prepared, and to exert more energy in the climb. When braking I’m gentle with it. I pump the brakes a few times lightly. As in life sometimes I’m careening down into a new area and it is equally important to slow down, notice where I am, and take it all in. This way I don’t panic and force “life’s brake” which can throw me off balance and off course. How are you in new situations?

Mountain Biking invites me to watch where I’m going as I maneuver through life. There can be contact, connection, and ease even in shaky times. Knowing my helmet is on and that the shocks work just fine, I have all I need for protection. Sometimes the bike slips out from underneath me because in that split second I lost focus and went off course. In life when I’m off kilter something must happen to draw my attention to it. So I topple, get up, brush myself off, and resolve to get back on track.

Mountain Biking asks me to stay on for the ride in all conditions appreciating the beauty, ruggedness, and all of the contrasts. This sport has me notice nature’s glorious details as I feel the sacred connection with Mother Earth. It urges me forward and encourages an “I can do this” attitude. When I reach an unfamiliar place which appears challenging I ask myself: “Am I refusing to go down and walking it because I haven’t given it a chance? Do I give up on myself before attempting “it” in my life?” Do you?

What if we can perceive an unknown path as a new experience which can challenge us and be easier. Words of wisdom from my mountain bike partner and husband, Jim, encourage me. “Just stay on the bike. It’s actually simpler that way.” I resolve to stay on my bike rather than making “it” (“life”) more difficult than it needs to be and enjoy the ride. What about you?


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