Posted by: Suzan | April 4, 2016

Write your Heart Out!

Write from Your Heart

Do you want more meaning and purpose? How about clarity for your life?

  • Write down your day-to-day activities, feelings, and thoughts. Explore what you long for and what may be getting in your way.
  • Practice “wild” writing which is fast and furious. Do not stop to think. Keep your pen moving. This style empties out any impurities onto the paper.
  • Try writing with your opposing penmanship hand. This taps into your unconscious and is often illuminating.
  • Explore Julia Cameron’s approach from The Artist’s Way. She suggests writing three pages a day. This is a commitment to your writer self who longs for expression. When you show up each day, you honor your writer. In return, your writer reveals your truth.

Coaching Questions which Reveal Your Truth:

Delve into some ‘big’ journal questions.

If your life seems hum drum:

What can be more fun?

If you’re out of touch with your vision:

What’s my bigger game?

If you’re feeling frustrated:

What am I tolerating?

If you have a decision to make about a new opportunity or if you are questioning something or someone who is already in your life:

Will this (activity, person, opportunity, etc.) drain my energy or give me energy? Does (it, he, she) bring me closer to what I want for my life?

  • In coaching we call these “inquiry questions.” They require that you take a BIG LOOK at YOUR LIFE. Inquiry questions cannot be answered in one sitting. You will best serve your growth by revisiting them many times. Imagine you are peeling back an artichoke and with each new layer you get closer to your heart!

Excerpt from eBook: Women at P.L.A.Y! (Peace, Love, and Acceptance of Yourself after 40)


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