Posted by: Suzan | June 28, 2011

Life Tips from the Bunny Whisperer


 Life Tips from the Bunny Whisperer

While gazing out of my large picture window toward MissionTrailsPark, I spied a bunny eating her breakfast. This gray-brown fuzzy critter with the puffy cottontail locked her eyes upon me. She hesitated a moment and then continued gnawing away on the grass at the top of our hill.

 As I stared back into her big dark eyes, I sensed life messages from this “bunny whisperer.” Sometimes the universe sends us creatures dressed in odd clothing, aka “bunny whisperers” to convey wisdom. If we pay attention, nature can teach us timeless truths.

 Life Tips from the Bunny Whisperer

1)     Take small bites along with tiny steps and hops.

Change happens in small increments.  Do not judge the size of the steps you take in life. Continue to move forward and you are guaranteed to arrive at your destination (whatever your goal may be).

2)     There is an abundance of nourishment.

Just like the grass for the bunny, there is plenty for everyone. We will always be taken care of if we trust it is so. Know there is more than enough supply –this land belongs to all of us.

3)     Be with what is in front of you.

We often think what we’re seeking is somewhere over “there.” More often it is right in front of us. Quit the desperate search and flourish from where you are at this moment.

4) Be observant. Gaze with open eyes and extend your ears to listen well.

The bunny remains aware as coyotes and hawks just might get in her way. She is poised to scamper off to protect herself. We must notice if something doesn’t seem right for us too and do whatever we need to do for our best interest. The bunny also models communication for us as she has much bigger ears than her little mouth (so much better to hear you with). She reminds us to look others directly in the eye when we speak to one another.

5)     Pause from time to time to look around. Engage all your senses and even wiggle your nose.

Watch any tendency toward “tunnel vision.” Be open to possibilities and notice them. Use all of the senses as you move through life to live a “larger life.” Make time every day to play and be silly. Who knows how many more days any of us have.


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