Posted by: Suzan | June 23, 2011

Five Tips to Avoid Thought Pile Ups and Free Your Mind

Do your thoughts seem like gridlock traffic on the freeway? Do they cut in front of one another vying for your attention—often getting you nowhere?

Since research shows we have more than 80,000 thoughts in a 24 hour day, one every 1.2 seconds, no wonder there is little space for our brains to maneuver.

 If we allow our thoughts to run rampant without monitoring them, we can easily get stuck in circular thinking, negative patterns, and/or overall life stagnation.

 To avoid thought pile ups in your brain and the mental fog which often accompanies this, I recommend the following five tips:

v     Become aware of your thoughts. Practice being an observer of your life. Literally step back from time to time to explore what you are thinking. If you notice yourself lingering in the past or jumping to the future, remind yourself that you can only live in the present. Return toNOW.

v     Set an alarm in your office (either your cell phone, a clock, or your computer). Check in with yourself on the hour. Learn where your thoughts are taking you. If they are leading you to a “bad neighborhood” then make a quick detour. Transform any negative thoughts to positive. This will impact the overall quality of your life.

v     Carry a small notebook with you to record any recurring thoughts you’re having. You’ll become clear about what you are dwelling on so you can make positive course corrections.

v     Meditate daily even if it is for five minutes. This is the practice of suspending your thoughts which will refresh your brain. Be gentle with yourself during this process. Continually redirect your breathing away from thoughts and toward silent stillness.

v     B R E A T H E deeply into your diaphragm and hold your breath for a few counts. An easy method is to breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts, breathe out for six counts and then hold for two counts. Then repeat this process. More oxygen in your system helps to calm your mind as well as release the gridlock. This is a sure way to keep your life in the flow.




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