Posted by: Suzan | July 19, 2011

Celebrate L I F E


Celebrate L I F E!

Life is…

… a symphony. We each have a part to play.

… a forest, often thick with uncertainty.

… bright sunlight, shining its brilliance to light our way.

… a jungle, dense with rich diversity.

… a garden. We are all intended to grow.

… a stream of rushing water which can carry us along.

… a mountain range, there is much to get over and so much to know.

… the space between the notes of every song.

… a banquet, a sumptuous feast for our senses to enjoy.

… a puzzle–to be continually sorted and put back together.

… a traffic jam, a child’s shrill cry, a dog’s loud bark—sometimes it can annoy.

… an integrated ecosystem–we owe our lives to her.

 … a coastline – an endless sea of expansion.

… an infant with outstretched arms seeking love and embrace.

. . .a playground beckoning us to jump aboard and have fun.

… a toddler exploring every inch of space.

Life asks us…

…  to be patient as we traverse along our journey.

… to discover the vast, inexplicable ME of who we are to BE.

… to honor each precious moment of our time here.

… to not dismiss her with boredom, abandon her with annihilation, nor reject  her with fear.

 … to savor her as we would surprises, to rejoice in new beginnings, to relish every moment of the time we’ve been given here.  

… to honor her because our last breathe may be near.







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