Posted by: Suzan | August 3, 2009

An Islander Inside

Ah for the light turquoise waters which beckon me to go within. For the brilliant colors, landscapes, and extraordinary sea life awaits me. I’m reminded that change is constant, nothing remains the same, and for this, I am grateful. As I swim around a miniature island viewing an array of corals, fish of every color and pattern imaginable, swirls of light, and the essence of beauty – the gentle waters unfold me into their womb. I imagine it is like floating down the birth canal. I feel reborn.

 Ah for the tropical breezes which stir my soul and for the bright, white specks of sand under my feet whispering to me to take new, bold steps. The jungle environs speak to the animal in me – to my ruggedness; to my adventurous spirit – she comes alive. The zipping sounds of lizards darting in and out of plants; scurrying hermit crabs crunching on leaves as they carry their shell homes up another cliff; and songbirds in animated conversation captivate me. I even allow the overgrowth to brush my legs – there are no poisonous snakes here.

 Ah for the slower pace allowing me to surrender my all to this space. I notice how the islanders commune with one another – their joviality, their lightness. They seem to really know one another. It is not another passing, “How are you? I’m fine. How about you? I’m well.” It is not the kind of exchange I’m familiar with where we stay above the surface. For the islands invite you to go deeper – to explore what is underneath. Island life inspires connection with the beauty, the wildness, the realness of what exists within their depths.

 Ah for simplicity. Fill the backpack with a towel, sunscreen, water, snacks, mask/snorkel, and fins. Set out on one of many trails which lead to yet another sublime snorkeling spot. And then submerge and discover treasures. Later allow time to recline on your towel and do nothing, or you may want to read a book, connect with your partner, or whomever you are with. With the only major decisions being where shall we hike and snorkel today – life becomes so simple and sweet.

 Ah for the delicacies of the tropical fruits – mangos growing in abundance wild in the forests. I eat them until I cannot manage another bite. And the seafood is so fresh here. We dine on local lobsters which we likely visited earlier in the day down beneath.

 Ah for the silence of the forests, save for our footsteps echoing along the paths. For the exquisite beauty of the steep mountains and looking down their cliffs to a plethora of sailboats, sparkling turquoise waters, and dense jungle trees sporting red, yellow or orange flowers or white Plumeria flowers which remind me of a new-born babies’ skin and the freshness of their aroma. I breathe it in. I savor every moment. I know that I’m an islander inside.

 **This blog entry is the inspiration of a two-week trip to St. John and St. Croix (our U.S. Virgin Isles) with my husband, Jim. Pure paradise!


  1. What fun – Had a honeymoon there in 1956. Yikes!
    and then went back again about 15 years ago.

    Happy Birthdya, my friend. Nice time of life. I remember well.




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