Posted by: Suzan | July 8, 2009

Letting Go and Allowing In

I began pounding away on my computer to meet my goal of writing six hours a day on my own projects. I decided not to check e-mails or that seductive Facebook until I completed my writing for the day. I felt like a colony who had released its Motherland as I birthed a new sense of liberation. Putting my muse first before all else felt like traveling to a new land, and I wanted to explore every inch of it.

The first couple of days I caught myself smiling a lot more and feeling a surge of energy. Although on the third day, my computer would barely start. I tried to open files and each one took about fifteen minutes or more. The same thing happened with e-mail, and I couldn’t open attachments. My Norton security button had disappeared. It seemed as if some intruder had come in during the night and hijacked my life. For my computer has become a central part of my daily existence.

I called my husband at work. “Jim what do you think is going on?” I asked.

“Just turn it off. I’ll look at it when I get home.” he said.

“It is only 9:00 in the morning. I’ve got a lot of work to do. What am I going to do without my computer?” I asked.

“Take the day off. It is the summer.” Jim said.

“Thanks. I’ll do that.” I said. I reached down and turned it off. Then I looked around my office. Next I went down to the garage for some boxes and started to clear out some old clutter. Now here’s something I can do, I thought. Later, I went out for a really long bike ride and if thoughts of the computer came up, I brushed them aside.

Jim spent the entire evening running test applications and so on with my computer. Nothing jived. I wrote out a list of my options and didn’t care for any of them. I certainly didn’t relish buying a new computer and learning Vista.

The next day I’d been invited to join a movie group of retired women by my neighbor for a lunch-time matinee of My Sister’s Keeper. They’d meet afterward for a discussion. My intuition whispered to me, ‘Go.’ So I did. I became so engrossed with the movie, my bag of popcorn, and my box of Kleenex that I completely forgot about my computer woes.

Then afterward a 75-ish year old gutsy-seeming gal sat next to me. I mentioned that I may have to give my computer its last rites. She said, “Do you need a computer guy? I’ve got one for you. His name is Art. Call me and I’ll give you the number.”

The last place I expected to solve my dilemma was at a movie discussion with retired women by the matriarch of the group. I’d always dreamt about having a real computer guy-one that was an expert in the trade, rather than my well-intentioned husband. So I decided to call her the next day.

Coincidentally I went to visit my chiropractor that same morning and mentioned the computer situation. She said, “Oh do I have the computer guy for you. His name is Art….”

Whenever I can let go of my attachment to a situation and allow in Spirit – all is resolved with little effort on my part. All I need to do is show up when I hear the soft voice asking me to. Then life becomes easy.

Art came out on Monday and fixed the entire situation within an hour charging me a ridiculously low rate which I gladly paid.

And so it is……..


  1. What a piece of ART 😉 this computer guy story … love from your Austrian friend



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