Posted by: Suzan | June 26, 2009

Healing my Life Force Energy

Naturopaths have piqued my curiosity for many years with their focus on the source of one’s issues/ailments rather than bandaging them up. Holistic practices have become more central to my life, yet I still thought I’d schedule this appointment, ‘some day.’

 During my recent physical at the Center for Health and Well Being with Dr. Gray, the owner and primary general physician, she suggested that I meet with a naturopath. My insurance would cover it, and the naturopath could even discuss the results of my lab work.

 My ‘some day’ became June 24, 2009, and this date is etched into my memory as the day I became reintroduced to my life force energy. For more than a year I hadn’t felt fully awake even after a refreshing night’s sleep, and my memory had been in a sharp decline. Post it notes with reminders all over walls became my best advisers. At times I’d even forget the names of my friends. Someone would ask about a movie I had watched days before, and I could barely describe it.

 Not only that, I had been experiencing a lull, a lack of motivation – compared to my normal Cheetah-like self (focused with enormous drive, agility, and ‘speed’). I still checked off items on my to-do list yet so many remained. It felt like I lived in a sci-fi movie where my life force energy had been drained to give birth to some strange creature.

 The naturopath reviewed my reports with me. “Ah, this looks interesting. Your DHEA is abnormal,” she said.

 With a range of 32-240 – mine landed on 16.  I learned that DHEA is the mother of the hormones – this natural steroid in the body generally converts to testosterone, yet when the adrenal glands are depleted, it will convert to whatever hormone the body needs. Our bodies thrive with DHEA – without enough of it – low energy, depression (even moderate), and a fuzzy memory result. We cannot live without this vital substance.

 The naturopath suggested that I take 25 mg. of DHEA, a synthetic hormone, each day for awhile to help regulate my hormonal system. There is some controversy around this substance as scientists have only been able to do a two-year study on its efficacy. Thus far they do know that if someone has a pre-disposition for ovarian or breast cancer, for example, (due to genetics) she should not take this supplement as it can increase the possibility of getting cancer. Naturally, when there is more estrogen or progestin in the system, the risk elevates. Nonetheless, studies have not proven a direct correlation between someone getting cancer as a result of taking this supplement.

 I have chosen to take the risk because my quality of life comes first. Like most women, I have concerns about side-effects and any potential negative outcomes from anything that I ingest. Yet what ‘I do know for sure’ is that I don’t want to live without my life force energy. That isn’t living.

 After literally one dose of the DHEA my eyes opened up, colors looked sharper, my thoughts made sense, and I could feel my ‘staying power.’ Instead of yearning for a nap, I focused on my projects and even finished them. Of course it takes awhile to adjust in one’s system, yet I already feel my life force trickling in – coming home. Welcome back!

 Life – it is far too precious to waste any moment of it. Live it, NOW!




(If you live in San Diego, please check out:

The Center for Health and Well Being

 To learn more about naturopaths:

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians




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