Posted by: Suzan | August 17, 2009

So Now I’m 50

Suzan's 50th BD So now I’m 50 and life is quite a blur;

What is it again that I’m lookin’ for?

Oh my eyeglasses – for sure.

So now I’m 50 and I release my need to please;

Yet I still find myself searching all over for those doggone keys.

Better yet – where’s the car?

Did I really park that far?

So now I’m 50 and my body just wants to move;

I blast the music to hear it ‘cause I’ve gotta groove.

I feel new parts of my body I’ve never known before;

Slight aches and sensations join me on the dance floor.

So now I’m 50 and a card carrying member of AARP;

Seeking those discounts or getting in for free.

Soon to wear the red hat or blue thong;

Depending on which over 50 Society I choose to belong.

So now I’m 50 and my mind is on pause (menopause);

I’ve even forgotten about all of my flaws.

Living in the moment is my latest cause;

And for kicks I recently purchased my first strapless bras.

So now I’m 50 and my best-half has just begun;

I’ve saved up my energy ‘cause now I’m going to have some FUN.

Glad those years of pretension are over and done;

Along with all my soul searching to find out I already am the one.


  1. Loved it Suzan! Thanks for the smile.



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