Posted by: Suzan | April 24, 2009

What if you looked forward to Mondays?

What if you looked forward to Mondays? Imagine if the hours passed by like minutes and you often caught yourself giggling at work.


In a recent issue of Pink Magazine, Kathryn Whitbourne, Writer, mentioned such a place. Dixon Schwabl, a woman-owned marketing and advertising firm in Victor, New York was named 2008’s “Best Small Company to Work for in America” by the Great Place to Work Institute.


Employees have squirt guns to use on anyone who puts down an ‘idea’ during a meeting; a slide from the second floor to the main lobby; a primal scream room; a koi pond; and a fireplace. Employees receive their birthdays off and also, time to do volunteer work. They are involved in determining their own benefits and perks as a task force.


The wise CEO, Lauren Dixon, attributes her success to her key philosophies which she learned from her Dad: hire people smarter than her; eradicate the ‘Sunday blues;’ and have a line item in the budget for fun. Her success speaks for itself. She has 75 employees, $126 million in revenue, zero voluntary turnover and more than 500 job applicants (this year alone).


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