Posted by: Suzan | May 5, 2009

Take a Break!


The newest addition to Sheryl Roush’s Heart Book Series – Heart of a Woman in Business – includes “Stories, Strategies and Skills for Success”.  Over 80 contributors submitted their original poems, stories, tips and advice to women in business everywhere.  I’m honored to be one of those contributors with an article entitled, “Take a Break!”

Set your project(s) aside–take a break—and refresh your mind, body and spirit!

Moving to a new location and changing your scenery, even when done in short intervals, can take you out of a stuck place and renew your perspective. Pausing for some refreshment time will serve your               project(s) well and bring you more peace. Stimulate your creativity and productivity with these ideas:              

§ Enjoy lunch outside. Turn your phones off and take a few moments to listen to the call of the songbirds. Feel the breeze lift your spirits. Renew your energy.

§ Take morning and afternoon breaks (five to ten minutes each) and enjoy the peaceful sanctuary of your ‘outdoor home.’ A few minutes to breathe in the fresh air and place the stale ‘challenges’ on pause can renew your perspective and revitalize your spirit.

§ Walk around the block for a fresh start. Find the closest park bench and sit still for a few moments. Be a keen observer of the people that pass by. What do you notice?     

§ Go to the closest grassy area and sit down (on a towel or blanket that you bring along). Connect with the sacred earth. If you feel comfortable doing so, close and rest your eyes for a while. Release any thoughts of work during this time. Focus instead on any nature sounds i.e., the birds or the wind.

§ Go to an outdoor café or coffee house for your lunch break. Breathe out any pent up concerns from the office and breathe in the new life within your change of scenery.

§ If you’re near a fountain or a quiet nook, allow yourself a pause at one of these refreshment centers to recharge your mind, body, spirit and soul. You’ll feel more alive when you return to your desk.

You deserve this time for rejuvenation. You’re likely to feel more motivated to jump back into your projects when you return. Your creative expression and energized spirit will thank you. Are you ready to accomplish another sensational project? Take a break!

**I will be one of the Authors with Sheryl Roush at an upcoming book signing and reading this Saturday, May 9th, 11-2, at Earthblend, 6020 Santo Road in Tierrasanta. Please join us!


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