Posted by: Suzan | April 16, 2009

The Meaning of Life is Out of the Window

I continue to learn more about the meaning of life. All I need to do is look out of my window. This morning during my ritual time downstairs in the living room; I slowly opened my eyes from a deep meditation. I glanced at the large picture window and saw a baby bunny peering in at me. She had her nose pressed against the window as if to say, “Let me in. Aren’t I cute enough?”


I watched this wee baby bunny hop all around with its teeny little cottontail bobbing up and down. I felt like I could have sat there all morning. It would have been even more interesting to have had this gift on Easter – though I’ll take it any day of the year.


Later during my lunch break, I looked out to see the bunny hopping around our plants on the patio. And then another baby bunny appeared. Our patio is teeming with life. I put some lettuce outside for them and reveled in watching their little noses scrunch up during their feeding.


Every year wild birds, including doves and others I don’t have names for, make their home here on our deck or patio. Again, I noticed the same nest on the rear of our patio speaker just above the bunnies’ play area. Another nest has been built in our bird house on the deck. There is even a small nest in a bush in the front of our town home.


The other day a hummingbird actually stood still for a long while looking back and forth between my husband, Jim and me. Then it dove in and out of the water hose stream as if it were jumping rope as Jim watered the plants. Hummingbirds are the symbol of joy. What more can one want?


These little critters are the meaning of life. They are life itself. Their fertility reminds us to allow ourselves to be reborn again in any given moment. They bring unexpected pleasures with each arrival and only ask that we be still and take it in. God bless all of the little creatures – for they are truly the essence of LIFE.





  1. You have such eloquence my soul sister of the “Ah’s”. There is something about that word “Ah” that is so very settling to the soul. I am in my backyard, my own personal paradise, enjoying an evening with a glass of red wine,my hubby enjoying his work, my of Dog, Zeke cooling off after a day keeping guard as he slept. Ah . . . a place called home after weeks of inner turbulence and turmoil. Thank you for not just transporting me a tropical paradise, but to remember to take moments for paradise in my lovely backyard. I feel such peace . . .



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