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How Bright Her Light – Tribute to Sophia



I would like to begin this blog by honoring the memory of my dearest friend, SOPHIA, whose name in Greek actually means WISDOM. Sophia passed on March 1st. During the twenty years that she graced my life – she became closer to me than my own Mother. I met Sophia not long after I lost my Mother at the tender age of 51. How blessed to be given the gift of another Mother to share life with for twenty more years! Sophia will live forever in my heart.

I would like to share the poem I wrote for her which I read as part of her Eulogy on March 22nd:


How Bright Her Light:

A Tribute to Sophia


Sophia, Sophia flaunting her fashion finesse;

Her closet jammed with every imaginable form of dress;

Sophia with her hair coiffed with care;

Sitting at her vanity – if ever we wondered where;

‘Cause catching her without her make-up would be ever so rare.


Sophia, Sophia with the phone in her hand;

Family and friends calling constantly from all over the land; Sophia, the Queen of ‘going out to lunch’;

With a calendar so filled to see it your eyes needed to scrunch.


Sophia, Sophia the one so full of life;

In lieu of any circumstance – in spite of any strife;

Lifting her glass of red wine;

Assuring herself and others that all would be fine.


Sophia, Sophia so gifted at spreading cheer;

Drawing us to her as we all wanted to be near;

Sophia, so bright was her light;

She shined like a beacon from morning till night.


Sophia, Sophia so curious was she;

Adventurous – she knew how to be;

In spite of her constant oxygen companion;

Sophia explored every inch of her world and knew so well what it means to have FUN.


Sophia, Sophia in her improv class;

or wearing clown costumes with Ed with her sass;

Sophia, behind the counter of the Visitors Center;

Engaging everyone with her charm who chose to enter.


Sophia, Sophia with her red jacket on;

and her black bag along;

Enjoyed her Sundays at Church;

With her faith in God so strong;

Must be why she lived so long.


Sophia, Sophia with the radio so loud;

Learning about what’s going on in the world made her ever so proud;

Papers and books piled all around her;

Determined she’d read them all we concurred;

Her stubbornness wouldn’t allow her to throw anything away. Even her refrigerator and freezer gave this away.


Sophia, Sophia the woman who knew how to sell;

Her drawers so crammed with awards it was easy to tell;

She’d beam her wide smile and say, “How are you?”

Her customers crowded to be with her because around her they all felt brand new.


Sophia, Sophia – so clean and meticulous;

There wasn’t a time spent in her home without some kind of fuss;Yet she commanded a respect that knew no bounds; I know I found myself cleaning up after myself all the while that I walked around.


Sophia, Sophia with her loved ones; caregivers and Hospice nurses at her side;

As she continued to live her life in full stride;

While maintaining every ounce of pride;

Sophia – the one in which we could all confide.


Sophia, Sophia — the woman who never gave birth;

Yet so many were her children – you’d think she’d have had a wide girth;

Sophia knew how to lift your spirits even as she told it like it is; Her kindness, compassion and love brought us all to know our worth.


Sophia, Sophia like a Mom you’ve been;

I don’t think I’ll know a love like yours ever again.

All of us will miss your tender, warm embrace;

And we’ll never forget how we felt like your children – when we looked upon your face.





  1. Beautiful Suzan!



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