Posted by: Suzan | May 7, 2019

3 Easy Ways to Reconnect with Your Playful Self

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When you slow down and life becomes simpler, it is as if you’re “Atlas” and you get to set the world down. Instead of holding it up, you now lean into it for support. Without all the strain and drain, you have renewed energy to reconnect with your playful side.

Here are three easy ways to reconnect with your playful self:

1) Think back to an activity you used to love to do. It brought you so much pleasure. You have not done this in a long time though (possibly months, maybe even years). You would love to do this yet don’t know how to begin again. For example, maybe you used to love to play tennis yet for whatever reason you haven’t played in years. You could sign up for a tennis lesson, buy or borrow a racket and some balls, and get out to play! Start today. What is it for YOU?

2) Reflect on something you are doing now. You love doing this yet you do not do it enough. You would like to do this MORE. Maybe you love to write yet you don’t write often. When you do time vanishes into thin air—it’s pure escapism and utter joy. You could sign up for a writing class (in person or online) and/or join a writing group which meets regularly. This may jumpstart your practice and then you can  jump for pure joy. What is it for YOU?

3) There is something you would love to do which you have never done. This may have been on your mind for months, years, or your lifetime. In my case it was acting. I wanted to act since childhood and didn’t take my first acting class until age 50. In that class they gave us homework to go to a theater audition. I did my homework and ended up with a part in the community theater play. The rest is history. I discovered my passion and haven’t stopped since. The most important thing is to start right where you are and commit to your dreams. It is never too late. What is it for YOU?

Here’s an Exercise to help you reconnect with your playful self:

Where Does Passion and Playfulness Spring Forth in Your Life?

Write down up to five activities that you enjoy most (whatever feels joyful when you do them or have done them in the past) in no special order. Then fill in the dates (approximate) of the last time you experienced these playful activities. You may also write down something new you are interested in trying.

Top Five Playful Passions                      Approx. Dates (last time you did activity)

  1. ______________________________________________ __________________
  2. ______________________________________________ __________________
  3. ______________________________________________ __________________
  4. ______________________________________________ __________________
  5. ______________________________________________ __________________

**This article and worksheet is adapted from my book, Women at P.L.A.Y! ©2019


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