Posted by: Suzan | May 1, 2019

The Answer to Life is in Slowing Down

Slowing Down

I’m sharing a poem I wrote as a reminder for us all to slow down as a way of life…otherwise life may find a way to do it for us. Enjoy!

The answer to life is in slowing down.

It isn’t continuing the pace

Of a marathon race.

The joy of living is in the smile –not the frown.

And if we ever forget –

Gaze at the next sunset.

Life exists between each musical note

And the inhale and exhale of each breathe.

It is ever close to us –not distant and remote.

It is the slowing down which leads us to the now,

And allowing which helps us release the clutches of how.

Slow down to know who you truly are.

Discern what matters –

For each moment is rare.

Focus on what brings your mouth ajar,

And trust life will lead you to the where.

Life is meant to be savored

Like a delicious meal.

Rest your utensils in between the bites.

Allow your taste buds to feel

Every ounce of aroma, every drop of the flavor.

Slowing down allows you to see

All things in clear vision

Like a cloudless blue sky your life will be

you’ll feel connected as “one”.

Slowing down will set you free

As you hear the whisper of who you are meant to be

Like a drop of water joining the sea

You’ll find your place as “me” amidst “we.”

The answer to life is in slowing down

Not in looking all around

Because you’ve already found

What you’re looking for –

It is your own reflection in the mirror

Life need not be so obscure

Because now you know – you are so much more.


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