Posted by: Suzan | April 24, 2017

Anger’s Deep Ocean of Emotion



(In honor of National Poetry Month – I’m sharing a poem to help others better face their anger). The art journal above was done with a triangular shaped make-up sponge. All you do is put some paints on a paper plate, mix the colors around with bottom of your sponge, and then pound the page as you like. The process of creating the art also helps with anger release)!

Expression, Expansion you can raise your voice

You have the power of choice

until your days are done.

Speaking up, out

no more whimpers-may need to shout.

It’s okay to let your anger find a way. It’s healthy

to set clear, clean boundaries.

There is beauty in allowing anger to be

to express itself through you, and share it with me,

to no longer stuff it inside

allow it to hide.

Anger needs healthy expression

not randomly – it’s about the compassion to confront.

To never allow anger or rage to simmer

like a bright light – it won’t get dimmer.

Deal with what’s there. Don’t get caught in its snare.

Anger is one of many emotions.

No need to drown in that deep ocean.

Just say what you must in the moment. It’s okay to be bold and blunt.

It’s more important to let it come out with respect and love –

to resolve by getting to the source of what it’s about!


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