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Healing Your Gut – Overcoming Candida Overgrowth, Parts 5 and 6 (Final)

gut health 5 and 6


Current Healing Path

Great news-my diet listed in Part 4 is working well (adding in Gluten Free Oatmeal, having organic berries with an organic Granny Smith (green) apple and at least ½ avocado per day). Cutting back on protein (in the form of meat) has helped with digestion and increased my energy. The meat protein I have ranges from: Wild Alaskan Salmon, fresh or sometimes in a can from Trader Joes; or white meat (organic free range chicken or ground turkey). I opt for smaller portions and have one serving every 1-2 days.

To ensure I’m getting enough protein, I indulge in roasted sunflower seeds (unsalted) along with walnuts (about 1/4 –  ½ cup a day) along with Vital Nutrients Pro Veg Organic Pea Protein with my smoothies.

Results: Rarely any bloating and no extension at all and more productive “bathroom experiences.” I discussed the book the Medical Medium with my Naturopath team from the Bastyr University Student Clinic in San Diego They suggested I detox from heavy metals later, not while attempting to rid my gut of Candida. It would expose me to too many toxins and could make my situation worse. They approved the following detox foods to add to my smoothies (or a salad) which also help with the elimination of Candida Overgrowth:

  • ¼ – ½ cup of cilantro
  • ¼ – ½ cup of parsley
  • Garlic (one entire clove – although the book recommends 2)
  • 1 slice (large) of fresh ginger
  • A small lemon peel with lemon (small slice of this)
  • L-Glutamin Powder
  • 1tsp apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 10 minutes before meals (am not entirely sure this works – it’s highly recommended though)

I make my smoothie with unsweetened coconut milk, some coconut water (nothing with added sugar), an apple, ½ avocado, Kale, protein powder (above) along with the detox foods listed above. This seems to be working well too, along with it being a treat to look forward to (there aren’t many foods to “look forward to” on a stringent Candida diet so we need something, right?)

Other Supplements I take which support eliminating Candida:

  • AC Formula II (I take 2 pills on an empty stomach – about 15-30 minutes before each meal – so 6 total per day). This combines grapefruit seed extract with Caprillic Acid and some other vital ingredients which have been proven effective to rid the gut of Candida
  • Calm Magnesium Powder with Calcium – this helps the nervous system and with elimination
  • Ultra Flora Acute Care Probiotics (for first 2 months of treatment) I take an additional 2 pills of this at bedtime
  • Renew Life Extra Care Ultimate Flora Probiotics (100 Billion) – 2 capsules daily before bed (allergen free)
  • Psyllium  ½ tsp. two times per day with about 12 ounces of water of as it can pull things through the intestines. Helps with elimination.
  • Am taking a special homemade tincture 2 x day for adrenal support and also another homemade tincture of herbs before bed which helps with sleep (made by naturopaths). Sleeping well is critical to healing! The adrenal support balances everything out.

Altogether I’m on a 3-4 month regimen and will retest (stool test) via Doctor’s Data (outside lab) sometime in mid-latter May. What is most critical for all of us dealing with Candida Overgrowth is to find ways to reduce stress. Daily rituals including meditation help to ground and center me for the day. Exercise, also daily, is non-negotiable. Finally, I turn to art activities for their healing benefits. As my profession is in the expressive arts, I feel blessed to also offer art to others as healing modalities. Art (the mere process of it) has been proven to lower cortisol (stress hormone) significantly so it’s definitely something to consider.

What helps you to release stress? You may want to do more of whatever eases it for you or find new ways to do so. Your life and the quality of it is well worth it.

How I healed Candida Overgrowth 6 years ago

After completing Dr. Humiston’s program twice and continuing to experience painful, almost nightly episodes of stomach bloating and often distension, I didn’t know where to turn next. I signed up for a women’s retreat week-end in hopes of meeting someone who might have insight. My past experiences have taught me that when I reach out for help, there is always another hand to meet mine.

Acupuncture Treatments

Not long into the retreat I met someone who had suffered from Candida Overgrowth who raved about her acupuncturist. I left with the phone number and a lighter step in my walk. After the examination with the acupuncturist, she thought I might have a form of roundworms (very difficult to diagnose) so suggested I drink Aloe Vera juice every day (starting with 2-3 ounces and building up to about 8 ounces or more per day on an empty stomach). This is now something I do on a regular basis.This helps keep Candida Overgrowth and parasites at bay.

Due to my lowered immune system she recommended I warm my body by using more cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and drinking chai tea. One drink she suggested was Good Earth Cinnamon tea with honey and tabasco sauce to help warm the body and improve my immune system.  This definitely helped my circulation, bringing the blood supply back to my hands which were normally icy cold.

If you have a referral for an acupuncturist, I definitely recommend you pursue this. The experience is also very relaxing which helps lower inflammation in the body that can contribute to the Candida Overgrowth. These sessions definitely helped yet I still didn’t have complete resolve over the condition.


Fortunately at a friend’s party I met another person with Candida Overgrowth. She suggested I get an appointment with Dr. Hugh Smith with Biocytonics in Carlsbad, CA. He has since retired yet his daughter (trained well by her father) now runs the business:

He is an internationally recognized researcher in mycoplasma and cell wall deficient form research who has also consulted with M.D.’s around the globe. He takes a blood sample (from a prick in the finger) and then places it under a microscope which he projects onto a large screen. From this he can detect from the cellular structures, etc. what is going on in the body. He carefully explains what is up on the screen, and then writes up a prescription with supplements, etc. to remedy the situation(s) he has discovered.

Supplements that Worked!

My initial meeting with Dr. Smith was in February, 2012. By the end of July, 2012 he found no more evidence of Candida Overgrowth. I attribute my three meetings with him to finally resolving this health dilemma. Some of the issues he helped me overcome were: gallbladder stones through  the Edgar Cayce Castor Oil pack program which you can request at most health food stores (in San Diego: Sprouts). I first tried a formula he recommended (Para Clear) yet only took it for 30 days instead of 90 because I had adverse reactions. My body had a sensitivity to the ingredient Wormwood. He next suggested I take Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) 100 mg. 2 times per day for 90 days. I continued bloating through much of this phase as it is typical when the Candida dies off. After completing the GSE portion he suggested I take Hema Plex (1 tablet in the morning as needed) to rebuild my deficiency in iron, and B-50 (1 time a day for about 3 months) and B 12 (5000 mcg) 3 times a day for a month because Candida Overgrowth fuels itself with B vitamins and iron leaving us deficient.

Part 6

Stopping Everything for Self-Care is Critical

During my final visit with Dr. Smith in July he said the rampant inflammation he had noticed before had left. There was no sign of Candida Overgrowth. I felt my body sink right into the chair. Two years had passed and I couldn’t even find the words to express my relief.

I must also give additional credit to myself and to another doctor (my therapist/coach) who recommended I literally STOP everything. When physical symptoms manifest in our bodies, something is trying to get our attention. This is not the time to rev up our lives- we must instead slow down in order to heal. I quit working for several months, attended silent retreat week-ends, deepened my meditation practice, studied Buddhism as a way to live life, and even asked friends and family not to contact me for six weeks so I could just be and go within.

I realize that not everyone has the luxury to drop everything. Yet it is critical that you let go of as much as you can so you have more space for your healing to occur. Do whatever you can to alleviate stress from your life. Create daily practices which help you to feel more calm and grounded. I do some every morning and can’t imagine starting a day without them.

On my last visit with Dr. Hugh (as he prefers to be called) he said, “I don’t know what you’ve been doing yet this is the most profound healing I have ever seen.” When I told him that I had released everything to care for myself he said he had a patient he had recommended this to who had just died because he wasn’t willing to do this. He then said, “I’m not even going to charge you for this visit since you took such excellent care of yourself. You were willing to stop. You deserve a break.”

Ongoing Prevention Recommendations

With the help of many practitioners, particularly Dr. Hugh, along with my fortitude, I finally released Candida Overgrowth. It can return so I am vigilant with my diet (moderation is key),  take probiotics (only UDO’s or Garden of Life brands) 2 times per day, drink Aloe Vera juice daily (as mentioned), and also order Candida Liver Care from I take this periodically before meals to help keep things in check. Regular liver and colon cleanses (at least 1-2 times per year) are important to continually release toxins from the body Finally, managing stress with daily centering practices like meditation, yoga, physical exercise, and/or whatever works for you, is essential to well-being and remaining free from Candida Overgrowth.

I hope this series has inspired you to create your own healing path for your gut health, specifically Candida Overgrowth. If I you’d like to know more about expressive arts wellness sessions as a way to better cope with stress, please check out my site. I welcome your comments and/or questions.





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