Posted by: Suzan | April 25, 2016

It’s Time

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I wrote this poem during a recent one-week course, Wisdom of the Body, in my Person-Centered Expressive Arts certification program. May it inspire you.




It’s time to let go of the echoes from the past

which I hear in my inner-ear.

It’s time to release worry and fear

and instead BE HERE.

It’s time to speak up like the drum.

Stick my head out of my turtle shell

and it’s time to be well.

Release hiding in physical ailments

as they are not what my higher self wants.

 It’s time to fly high

like the butterfly.

Shed my skin like the snake.

If necessary, allow my heart to break

because my authentic life is at stake.

It’s time to open up like the flower.

Let go of small and stand in my power.

Release control.

Allow my life to unfold

like a gentle stream

or a curious dream.

It’s time to love my life

in spite of any strife.

Appreciate the beauty.

Be rooted like the tree

and most of all love, respect, and honor ME.


  1. It’s great and very motivating! Thank you!

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