Posted by: Suzan | September 26, 2011

Simplicity Begins with Me

Simplicity begins with me

for it is my natural state.

Setting my mind free

allows me to uncomplicate.

 Simplicity is living in the now

while pausing to receive life’s lessons,

being less attached to “how,”

and respecting that whatever I need—beckons.

Simplicity is selecting activities and friendships with care

as I respect my need for rejuvenation and rest.

It begins with a willingness to share

joys, sorrows, and burdens along my life quest.

 Simplicity is communication’s shortcut

by saying what I mean and not mincing any words.

It is attuning to the wisdom of my “gut”

where my truth and clear advisement is stored.

 Simplicity requires being patient until I understand

and releasing any “stories” and/or anxiety over what “might be.”

It diminishes my need for control and demand

and allows a sense of peace to become me.

****Please note that my blog will be moving in October, 2011 to my new website which is It is still somewhat “under construction.” You will need to resubcribe when the blog moves. I will keep you posted. My eBook, Women at P.L.A.Y! Peace, Love, and Acceptance of Yourself after 40 will also be available SOON for purchase on my site (it is now in PDF format and will be available on all retail sites some time in October with links on my website).  Thank you for your interest!


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