Posted by: Suzan | September 6, 2011

No More Excuses – Start Writing Your eBook Today

Do you have a print book that you’d like to expand readership for?

Do you have a book inside of you begging for release yet you don’t know where to begin?

 Consider publishing a digital, eBook. Amazon stated that eBooks are now outpacing print books. In May, 2010 they reported a 207% increase in eBook sales from the previous year. In 2010 114 million eBooks were sold, a 1039% increase since 2008 according to the Association of American Publishers and the Book Industry Study Group. By contrast, 603 million “trade hardcover” books, both fiction and non-fiction, were sold, a 5.8% increase since 2008.

 Here are some tips to help eliminate any pesky excuses.

 Excuse #1: I don’t know where to begin. What would I write about?

Remedy: We all have knowledge within us which can empower and enlighten others. If you’re a business owner, or subject matter expert, all you need to do is clearly define why you want to write the eBook. What do you want for your readers? What do you want for yourself by completing this project?  Also, writing an eBook will give you more credibility in marketing yourself. You become an expert and this can definitely improve your bottom line.

 Excuse #2: I’m so busy. Where would I find the time?

Remedy: Most eBooks are between 100-200 pages or 25 – 50,000 words. If you commit to writing one to two pages per day, you can finish it within three to six months. You can work on it as a seasonal project (e.g. your “leaves of change” fall project). Finish it as your holiday gift to yourself and others. You can also work on it during the National Novel Writing Month. Every November writers from around the world commit to writing 50,000 words in one month. You receive a website, resources, and support including groups in your community to either write with or meet with for motivation. I participated in this last year and wrote more than 50,000 words (about 180 pages toward my novel). Even though it says novel, you can work on any writing project you wish. This is the perfect time to pump out your eBook in one month. I felt swept along by the energy of people from around the world all focused on their writing endeavors.

 Excuse #3: I don’t have the best writing skills. How would I write the eBook?

 Remedy:You can hire a ghostwriter and/or editor to help you complete this project. The ghostwriter will write the book for you from your copious notes and interviews. The editor will take your manuscript and make it “reader-friendly.” All you need to do is provide her/him with your knowledge, stories, whatever you intend to include in the eBook. You can ask for samples of their work to see if he/she is the right fit for your vision of the eBook. You can go to for a list of professional writers in the U.S. You can also check out local writers’ groups as they normally have a website with a listing of professional writers and editors. For example in San Diego, you can refer to Publishers Writers of San Diego

  Excuse #4: How would I produce and manage my eBook? I don’t want the hassle of tracking it.

 Remedy: You can use a service like Smashwords They have a list of converters which they work with. You must first have your eBook converted to a certain format for the reading devices by one of these professionals. Then you load it onto their site at no additional costs. They will sell your eBook for you on their site and send it out to numerous other retailers (i.e Barnes and Noble for the Nook). They anticipate having a relationship with Amazon Kindle by year-end. It is possible now for readers to buy eBooks for their Kindle devices from Smashword’s website. You will be sent your payments quarterly and can check your status at any time.

 Excuse #5: I don’t have the budget for this. How much would this cost me?

 Remedy: You can do this project with minimal expense. For example, you can provide this eBook as a gift with other purchases from your website or you can offer it to increase subscribers. Just have it downloaded as a PDF. Seth Godin, a best selling author who popularized permission marketing, offered a free eBook on his site which went on to have more than 1 million downloads. As a result, one of his books moved up to #5 on Amazon and he received countless offers to speak, as well as have his book translated to sell in other countries.

 However you choose to market your eBook, you can do so at the fraction of the cost of a print book, gain ongoing passive income, as well as publicity, more clients, brand recognition, and more.

 So you have no more excuses, you can start writing your eBook today. Your readers are waiting……

 Suzan Tusson is the author of the eBook, Women at P.L.A.Y! Peace, Love, and Acceptance of Yourself after 40. Her eBook will launch later this month.



  1. You inspire me Suzan! Thanks for the pep talk, kick-in-the-pants and push out of the nest (more metaphors anyone?). Great suggestions!


    • Thanks, Gina. Glad to boot you a bit as I’m looking forward to reading your book!



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