Posted by: Suzan | July 18, 2010

Stillness Reigns

Inspired July, 9-11,2010 Camping week-end – Burnt Rancheria, Laguna Mountains


View at our Campsite #70

 Resting after a big hike!
Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast!


Reached Cyyamaca Peak! (came here when we checked out of campground)

Stillness reins

While the songbirds echo their refrains.

My thoughts become quiet

With nothing to cling to.

For there is nothing I want

Only to lean into my captain’s chair

Gaze into the thick forest and stare.

Watch the birds – blue jays, woodpeckers and a myriad of others soar by me

Without a worry nor a care.

They only do what they do and be who they be.

Their gentle fluttering belies the meaning of truly being free.

Then I observe how anchored the tree.

How rooted, green, and lush as far as I can see.

They are still yet they allow their leaves to move.

Grounded yet not stuck in a groove.

The clouds whisk by

Without ever asking why.

The sun sometimes hides

Yet all the while abides.

A rattlesnake slithers near

To close for me I fear.

He shakes his rattle to warn me.

He only wants me to let him be.

The wind gently stirs the wildflowers and taller grasses.

They sway in delight

While the teeny ant carries a heavy load with all his might.

A hummingbird hovers over

Darts so fast she is a blur.

While stillness unfolds me

Causing my soul to stir.

With nature all around

My thoughts taper down.

And in this place

Which opens up space,

Eases my pace –

I’m now available for God’s loving embrace.


  1. Beautiful, Suzan! I was right there with you!


    • Thank you Nancy! Glad you enjoyed my poem : )



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