Posted by: Suzan | July 5, 2010

The Ocean Horizon Beckons Me

*Inspired by a week in our Del Mar Timeshare

Ocean horizon

As far as I can see,

Beckons me to explore more of who I can be.

Shall I keep my ship at moor?

Shall I leave the shore?

Travel to remote places and

Explore all the new spaces.

Set my spirits free to

Sail the open sea

where I relish possibility.

Release my nagging thoughts and become free.

Obsession on what lies below –

Thoughts of sharks, barracudas, stingrays, jellyfish, grow.

And then my mind wanders to what is above and near –

Strong winds, currents, lightening storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, I fear.

Then the wind gently whispers

And the waves softly murmur:

“Keep your attention on within –

On your peace, strength, and will to win.”

When I let go of my stranglehold of above and below

And take myself inside,

Where my wisdom does reside,

Where I really do know,

This is where I choose to go.


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