Posted by: Suzan | February 17, 2010

Thrive in Stillness

*inspired by camping trip to Borrego Springs Presidents’ week-end 2010 

How I thrive in stillness ­­        

In the silence of this rugged terrain

Shrill sounds of birds refrain

The chance to release my cluttered thoughts and duress

To feel Mother Earth’s comforting caress.

 I ask myself what really matters – it is clear

It is all right here

The chance to rove around far and near

To revel in simplicity

To set my soul free

To watch an ant crawl

And let this be ‘all’.

 To realize I take myself everywhere I go

On a deeper level I really do know

I’m at home wherever I take me

And with Jim is where I want to be.

 Yet I release my attachments

To any confinements

Of how I insist life ought to be

I leave them in the sand

Of this mind and heart expanding land

And open myself up to a whole new decree

Life fully supports me

I own the key!


  1. You really know how to embrace present moment awareness and enjoy the beauty of nature!


  2. Thank you, Gina. I feel so blessed to have such magnificent nature so close to where I live. I just had lunch on my patio looking out at the Fortuna Mountains listening to birds. What a joy it is!


  3. suzan thank you so much for this inspirational poem. it seems to pour out of you like it is part of you. this is all good. i love it. thank you for sharing it with us. i hear you are moving forward with your life. you waited patiently for the right time and now it is here. great, go for it. hugs from sandy


    • Thank you Sandy for your beautiful and encouraging words! I appreciate you : )



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