Posted by: Suzan | February 1, 2010

Got an Attraction to Distraction? Release it and Embrace Your Life Satisfaction.

Do you have an attraction to distraction? At the end of the day – do you feel satisfaction? Does your desk pile resemble a local mountain range? Does wondering where your day went no longer seem strange?

 I’m recovering from this malady; and working at home has been the ultimate challenge. I’m pleased to share I can now pass by my laundry basket without rushing it to the washing machine. I can also let the dishes rest in the sink awhile. The advent of social media does create a whole new distraction. That I’m still figuring out.

 Below is a poem I wrote some time ago about what I learned when in the grips of the ‘distraction gremlin.’

 My Attraction to Distraction Provides me NO Satisfaction!

My attraction to distraction

provides me NO satisfaction.

It keeps me from taking action.

Disguised as fun –

I get no work done!

It’s in the way of my fulfilling life.

Creates stress, duress, and loads of strife.

Yet why do I continue to explore all the side trails

Which lead me to nowhere, it never fails.

I hide out from any activity

Which will in truth connect me to me and set me free.

Instead I run over there

Around in circles – not getting anywhere.


I’d like to share some methods I’ve used which have helped to lessen the vice-grip of the distraction gremlin.


  • Create a weekly/daily intention list the night before each work day. Suggestions include: Priority Intentions for Week; Business Priorities; Personal Priorities; Exercise; Evening Plans; A space to fill in how many times you check e-mail and visit your social media sites; Waiting For; and Pending. This list will help keep you honest and on track.
  • Accomplish your most important projects first (in that order). Be willing to not complete your ‘less urgent’ items. (i.e. paid projects are at the top of my list).
  • Focus on one project at a time. Research has shown that multi-tasking is not the most efficient way to get work done.
  • Set a timer (i.e. a travel alarm clock) for a defined period of time and work until it sounds. (i.e. I like to work in hour chunks).
  • When engaged in a project, allow your phone calls to go into voice-mail, unless it is a client or another important call.
  • Build in breaks throughout your day – for exercise and to move around. (i.e.  Exercise is something I do not compromise on. It is part of my every day.  I also put some music on and dance for a couple of minutes to shake out any stale energy now and then. Other times, I’ll sit outside on my balcony and listen to the birds).
  • Create space in your week to meet with a friend for a walk, tea, or lunch. Whenever possible, phone a friend or family member for a few minutes to connect. I’ve found when working alone; support from my community is critical. 

 Releasing your attraction to distraction will lead to your life satisfaction. Isn’t it time to take action?


  1. Wonderful advice. If we don’t pause throughout the day we can easily accumulate tension. This allows us to be mindful of our own needs and the feelings of others.


  2. Thanks, Gina. One of my mentors said, “We must PAUSE for PEACE – our own PEACE and WORLD PEACE!!”


  3. Those are wonderful methods ! I will try adding some of them to my resolutionss of this year, clearing the superfluous to find more inner space, and more time for myself and others. Thank you, your words are always so inspiring !


  4. You are welcome, Isa. I’m happy you found the methods useful. Sounds like very important priorities you have – more time for yourself and with others!



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