Posted by: Suzan | December 4, 2009

From Frazzle to Dazzle – Spreading Holiday Cheer All Year

It is holiday time.
Salvation Army bells chime –
Trees adorn cars’ rooftops –
Advertisements overwhelm us – so many shops.

There is now postal mail.
Cards, gifts, and well-wishes pour in with no fail –
E-mails are cluttered with holiday letters –
Open up packages to find either socks or more sweaters.

The calendars fill with parties to celebrate.
Drinking and eating to excess and staying out late –
People are frantic running to and fro –
Not sure if we’ll make it to all the places we need to go.

Malls are filled to over capacity.
This is where we’ll all be –
Our hands grabbing for gifts hoping we’ve made the right choice –
Then running past Santa with his loud ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ voice.

Families decorating trees and homes alike.
Drinking eggnog or cider – some with a spike –
Adorned houses then twinkling with lights –
People in cars driving around to see all of the sights.

Fresh baked cookies scintillate the air.
Piles of gifts in closets await wrapping’s tender care-
Christmas DVD’s sit in a large stack –
Little Santa believers anxious for his visit and for what is in his large sack.

Holiday music filters through the air.
We hear it on the radio; in shops; in establishments – virtually, everywhere –
Non-profit mailings arrive in bulk to remind us about giving –
Messages permeate from many sources asking us to be compassionate, kind, and forgiving.

Airport lines extend around buildings and more.
People carry-on more items than ever before –
Traveling across country to be with friends or family –
Many wake up Christmas morning to sit together by the tree.

I don’t wish to replace Mr. Scrooge.
Though often at this time of year I seek some refuge –
To step back from the commercialization of this holiday –
And find my own way.

This time of year sparkles with magic, and I prefer to focus there.
On how we can build community and really learn to share –
I ponder on how I can be a better person year round –
Not saving it up for the month of December when giving is renowned.

Instead I slow down a bit this time of year.
I don’t say yes to every invitation of ‘cheer’ –
I don’t devour all the tasty delights laid out so fancifully –
I pause to think about what I’ll look and feel like if I eat all those scrumptious things in front of me.

I believe each day lends its reason –
To be honored in the same way we revere ‘the season.’
Let’s imagine a world where we extend kindness every chance –
Extend this holiday wonder all year, hold hands, and share this dance!


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