Posted by: Suzan | November 21, 2009

Abundant Health is Your True Wealth

I weighed more in high school than I do now, and I’m 50 years old, 5’2 and 100 pounds. I remember how I spent my lunch money on chocolate, chunky bars and chips. Growing up in New Orleans with its decadent food, I often had three helpings at dinner. I’d even use my heavily buttered, French bread to soak up any remaining sauce on my plate. My exercise consisted of lifting my fork and knife numerous times.

When my nickname became ‘chunky’, I then understood the line, “You are what you eat.” I’d become the resemblance of my sweet treats. I felt so disgusted hiding out in my baggy clothes, and I hated the puffy face which stared back at me in the mirror.

I tried every diet plan available convinced the next one would be the sure winner. Yet nothing worked. In the end I had gained more weight. During this experience I succumbed to the eating disorder, bulimia, certain I could rid the calories by purging them. I’d consume enormous amounts of diet foods along with ‘bad foods’ which I’d sneak in between. I directed my life force toward keeping this vicious cycle in motion, to the detriment of my health and well-being.

One day I looked into the mirror after a binge-purge session and tears began rolling down my cheeks. I didn’t recognize her anymore. I dropped onto the cold, tiled floor; cried until I had nothing left; and prayed for deliverance from the poor choices I’d made. After awhile, I felt something lift. I weighed the same, yet I felt lighter. I looked in the mirror again and saw resolve shine through my eyes.

I drove to a sporting goods store and purchased running clothes and shoes. I bought a journal to write down everything I ate to stay aware. I threw out anything connected to dieting, subscribed to health magazines, purchased books on nutrition, and made a conscious choice to be my own advocate.

I realized diets do not work over the long-haul. Healthy eating is about being mindful of what I put into my mouth, and only eating when I’m hungry. It is about intentionally choosing foods which make me feel good like fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, and whole grains. It is also about eating slowly to honor the whole process of having a meal and, thus, I consume less. I drink a lot of water, and never have sodas – thus flushing out my system on a regular basis.

I sometimes splurge and have a special dessert when I’m out. Healthy eating is not about deprivation. It is about taking response-ability for one’s life by choosing foods which promote life force energy. Healthy eating is a mindful practice. Your health is your only true wealth. What can be more important than abundant health?


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  2. Thank you Suzan for this wonderful and touching post. You are absolutely right, we are what we eat and a good health is our true wealth. We are all able to change our way of life if we want it, day after day the good results will be so encouraging !


  3. You are so welcome, Isa! You bring up a core piece of what I had hoped to get across – we all have the ability to change (if we truly desire it and believe it is possible). I find nothing more satisfying than being healthy – as this is the robust energy I bring to ALL of my life. Here’s to your vibrant health and well-being dear Isa!


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