Where it all Began

Below is where my passion for supporting women and writing began…..

I grew up in rural Louisiana, in Belle Chasse, with fifty acres surrounding our home and no neighbors nearby. Without siblings for a long while, and no neighborhood children nearby – I turned to my imagination.

I’d often lie outside on the grass and envision what the cloud shapes were. Otherwise you could find me either searching for cow bones in our backyard or surrounded by library books up in my tree house. Books such as, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” transported me like a nomad traveler to unknown worlds. Sprawled out on the wooden planks in my tree house I decided to become a writer too.

In third grade I wrote stories about make believe friends on the backs of my Dad’s business accounting ledgers. Then I’d phone my Aunt Myrtle  in New Orleans to share my stories. She told me to keep writing because I had a lot to say and people needed to read it. So I did.

Not long afterward my Mom had a new baby and couldn’t handle the two of us so my four-foot-ten, German grandma, Birdie, picked me up at school every weekday and took me to her home. My Dad brought me home in the evenings after he finished work.

My Aunt Birdie Mae lived with my grandparents because she had polio and couldn’t walk. She had never gone to school. Instead she spent her life on a  couch watching television and looking at pictures in magazines.

One day I turned Birdie Mae’s television off and stood in front of her with my arms gripping all of my schoolbooks. “I’m gonna teach you everything I learned at school,” I said.

She flailed her arms and yelled, “Go back home. Just leave.” Her entire face had squinched up and her hands had become fists.

“Aunt Birdie Mae, I know you can learn this. Come on. Don’t you want to read your magazines? Maybe you can even get a job. Get out of the house. Wouldn’t you like that?”I asked.

Years later Birdie Mae had learned to read and master basic math. My Dad hired her to help him with a stock market game he invented. I’ll never forget how her face lit up when she told me, “Suzan, you’ve opened up a whole new world for me.” Her smile reached across her face.

She still struggled to maneuver around on crutches yet she had a new slice of life  she could call her own.

My passion for being of service for others, particularly women, started young. In the third grade Aunt Birdie Mae served as my first coaching client. Since then I’ve helped hundreds of women with individual and group coaching programs to take charge of their lives. Health and well-being becomes their first priority. Women learn to adapt life balance, nourishing self-care and being positive as a way of life.

My joy for writing merged with my strong desire to make a difference in women’s lives. I’ve independently published an eBook entitled, Women at P.L.A.Y! Peace, Love, and Acceptance of Yourself after 40, to help women learn to put themselves FIRST rather than everyone else in their lives.  Learning to connect with our wise woman within is a central theme of the eBook. It’s also stock-filled with many enlightening coaching exercises, including provocative coaching questions, as it includes a workbook.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Please feel free to share it with every woman you know.

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