Expressive Arts Research

Can Expressive Arts Help Improve Your Health?

Research studies involving the expressive arts report physical health improvements including anxiety, depression, some forms of dementia, and arthritis.   From a literature review on the benefits of the arts covering 100 studies, 2010.

“When one engages in an art activity for at least 45 minutes, Cortisol, the stress hormone, declines so it can reduce inflammation (which is the cause of many illnesses).”
Art Therapy Journal, 2017.                                                  

“People who engage in art activities in middle and old age may delay cognitive decline! Novel, creative experiences protect our brains.”  Mayo Clinic Study, 2015

“73% of the people who participated in the arts (in study) were less likely to develop MCI (mild Cognitive impairment).”   American Academy of Neurology Study, 2015


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