Posted by: Suzan | February 28, 2020

The Desert Speaks


a poem inspired by my recent camping trip to Little Blair Valley, Borrego Springs, CA


The Desert Speaks

The vast desert cries out, “There’s plenty of space.”

The ant says, “You’ve got this – no need to race.”

The jack rabbit says, “Pause before you hop.”

The wind says, “Keep going – after you stop.”

The sun says, “You can count on me.”

The white butterfly says, “Lighten up to be free.”

The hillsides covered in boulders say, “You too can be still and solid.”

The sandy earth says, “Walk light upon me – be more like a kid.”

The buzzing bee says, “There’s plenty to go around.”

The cactus says, “Hold your ground!”

The desert wildflower says, “Push through – it’s what you need to do.”

The shrubbery says, “You will not only survive – you will thrive.”

The coyotes yelp, “Abundance is near.”

The tarantulas cry, “Life is for the most part harmless. Have no fear.”

Together the desert landscape

provides a magical escape.

Even though the Cholla cactus can pierce the skin,

I’ll return to the desert again!


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