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How to Heal from Candida Overgrowth Part 3

Healing Candida Overgrowth, Part 3 – Past and Present




While posting this series about recovering from Candida Overgrowth six years ago, I just learned it’s returned – six years later. I have decided to share what I did then and also, what my plans are now to heal from this. Please double check any of this information with your medical professional(s) before adapting it as everyone is different. You may need a more customized approach. I hope this offers hope knowing you can regain your health and well-being. Patience with yourself and others who may not understand what you’re dealing with is a MUST!

So why did it come back?

Once you’ve had Candida Overgrowth it’s important to eat fairly clean for the rest of your life. Other foods can be eaten in moderation – yet it’s important to eat mindfully as a way of life. Even though I eat a lot of different vegetables (types and colors) every day; avoid red meat; and don’t eat many grains or desserts; I still overindulged on things like sweet potato or root chips (sometimes half a bag or more of them) as I love salt. I also had a lot of popcorn at the movies and had begun eating gluten free oatmeal with a banana often for breakfast. If I took a few bites of frozen coconut milk treats, I’d often devour the pint. Occasional dark beers on the weekends added more yeast into my diet – and over time these habits increased my risk of Candida Overgrowth. The final clincher was going on an 11 day cruise in December where I became mindless, especially with the endless selections of sushi.

What am I doing now to heal?

  • I’ve returned to a lean and clean diet – no carbs, one fruit a day only (organic berries or organic apple), a lot of vegetables (no carrots, beets or squashes (except zucchini is fine) with olive oil sprinkled on them, no carbs includes sweet potatoes or yams or beans – or my usual morning oatmeal. It has been replaced with 2 hard boiled eggs and ½ of avocado (smashed with olive oil) or a bowl of veggies with walnuts. No alcohol whatsoever as sugar (in any of its many forms) needs to go.
  • Am working with a Naturopath (at Bastyr University Clinic in San Diego) for guidance. I think it’s important to work with a medical professional who has extensive knowledge on this condition. It isn’t easy to heal from this.
  • Am taking 2 caps 3x daily in between meals of AC Formula II (this has both Caprillic Acid and Grapefruit Seed Extract in it). L Glutamine Powder (1 teaspoon twice daily) by Pure encapsulations (this is a MUST also) – this helps to heal the stomach lining.
  • Every night before bed I take Probiotics. It’s important to take them at that time so the body can properly utilize them. Every several months I switch the brand of Probiotics as they are then more effective. Currently I take Renew Life’s Extra Care Ultimate Flora 100 Billion – 2 Capsules. They will only last  15 days and yes, they are expensive (well over $100.00 per month) – yet critical to take at least 200 Billion per day when trying to eradicate Candida! I’m also taking 2 supplements of UltraFlora Acute Care by Metagenics (in the beginning phase of this process)!
  • Overgrowth of Candida also takes its toll emotionally. It requires a lot more self-care. Whatever brings you joy – do a bit more of it! It’s also a lot more difficult to socialize (e.g. potlucks and just going out to dinner with friends or your significant other). Travel is not easy. I only stay at places with a kitchen – no more hotel rooms. Since eating meals are such a big part of our lives and it takes a lot longer to prepare so many vegetables along with being able to resist temptation which lurks everywhere – it takes a lot of strength.
  • Here’s a few things I do to cope:
  • I take some time to be quiet – to meditate – to tune out the outside world and go within. This helps me to stay peaceful. My ideal is about 15 minutes in the morning and 15 in the evening yet you can do whatever will work for you.
  • I spend time reading positive literature in the morning, write in a gratitude journal, and also journal (as I have time).
  • As I’m in the expressive arts profession this is what helps me the most: to actually draw/color/paint – whatever I’m in the mood for each day – the Candida! Then we have a dialogue – I prefer to do mine on paper (in my journal). I ask it what it needs for me. What do I need to know? Then it writes back surprising messages. It’s been telling me it has shown up because it’s about “mold” “decay” – and my repeating some patterns which are unhealthy – becoming oldy/moldy myself in some ways needs to change. I’m working on this now – listening to my body and taking action. I encourage you to try this!
  • Getting outside for a walk to breathe in fresh air – or any opportunity to be in nature is so healing and soothing.
  • Exercise is critical for me – each day I choose either yoga, Pilates, hiking, biking, walking, or Zumba (which I LOVE). Getting physical – moving my body – keeps me sane.
  • Reaching out to call a friend or family member keeps me connected and I don’t feel so alone.

Below is what I chose to do 6 years ago to release Candida Overgrowth:

It has been said that “knowledge is at least half of the battle.” Being aware of my health condition allowed me to do research and make choices to improve my well-being. Interestingly enough, I found little support overall on the web for anyone dealing with Candida overgrowth.

Here are a couple of helpful sites I ran across: – A Candida sufferer shares the knowledge he gained through his ordeal and sells an eBook. I think his site was more useful than the actual eBook, although I did learn more about Candida overgrowth and the potential negative consequences if I were to ignore it. Another site is: I didn’t order their eBook or any other products which you might want to consider. I found their advice practical and diet plans well laid-out.

In the end I decided to go with Dr. Humiston’s Candida program since I live in San Diego and could combine doing his suggested regimen with office visits. I also liked his overall system with diet plans, menus, the liver cleansing information, probiotics, etc.

Dr. Humiston’s program includes three phases of supplements designed to first protect the liver, then kill off the Candida in your overall system, and then eradicate anything left (e.g. spores). While taking these supplements you may experience lower energy, headaches, stomach aches or other symptoms due to the toxins being released.

The suggested diet pan is very strict. You will essentially give up processed foods, sugar, dairy, wheat products, bread (anything with yeast), caffeine, red meat, and even fruit–for three entire months! You must also not have alcohol. On a positive note, if you’re interested in releasing some weight, this cleanse will support you in doing just that—potentially 10 or more pounds.

Yet you must be wondering what is left to eat. As overwhelming as the limited food choices may be for you, it is critical for your health that you accept this extremely healthy meal plan (except the lack of fruit). There is no other way to rid this condition. As daunting as it all may seem, ask yourself: What is at stake? How badly do you want your health back? Having your mind and body back are so worth it!

My staple meals included: brown rice cereal (hot or cold) with rice milk in the morning, organic green tea (only caffeine permitted), a salad for lunch with olive oil and lemon juice (fresh) for the dressing, along with steamed vegetables, brown rice, and a lean meat or fish selection for dinner. The good news is after about a week I lost all craving for sweets. It is amazing how addicting sugar can be and it is so unhealthy for us. I also felt clear-headed and less anxious without drinking any alcohol or much caffeine.

If you have a significant other, enlist him/her in the program (at least for your meals together). My husband went along with it and his support made life so much easier in our kitchen. The most positive outcome of going through this for me has been how it transformed my relationship with food. I now rarely if ever eat processed foods or desserts. I eat only organic fruit and vegetables, drink very little alcohol and have given up bread and dairy entirely (I drink Almond Milk and do have goat cheese). I eat salads every day for lunch with the special dressing I mentioned. I’ve never felt better!

Stay tuned for Part 4. I will share the outcome of following the 3 month program, along with other tips to help you eliminate Candida overgrowth.

I will also share what I’m doing currently to release Candida Overgrowth again.






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