Posted by: Suzan | November 11, 2016

Love versus Hate: Which Side are You on?


Post-election one of my biggest concerns is for the children in our country.  Reports of bullying incidents on the RISE throughout our nation are rampant and alarming. School bullies are likely learning their roles from their parents or guardians with a dramatic increase in racist incidents  amongst adults.

Pictures of Swastikas being spray painted on walls or cars are being shared on social media. News of people being heckled and/or physically harmed for their race, religion, sexual preferences, physical challenges, gender (whatever makes them uniquely who they are) is spreading across our nation. This is NOT the America we are. This is NOT the America we can allow our already great country, thank you very much, to BECOME.

Political differences aside this is about love vs. hate. Which side are you on? If we really want a great country – it’s about showing a lot more love and respect. My heart is hurting from what I’m seeing having grown up in the Deep South with active  Klansmen in my own neighborhood. Lynchings. Unspeakable situations. Race riots. I lived through it. I remember how much pain I felt as I never could understand the level of hate which surrounded me (outside of New Orleans, Louisiana).

CHANGE. Can we accept it?  Life is all about change. Yet the hate inspired incidents are NOT the change which will make our country great. We need to be vigilant because we’re on the precipice of losing our great country if we aren’t. We may need to return to  a Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Rights Movements – on a much larger scale – to protect our fellow citizens.  I’m ready to do what I can. Are you?

As a free country our citizens deserve freedom from other’s judgments for their choice of religion, sexual preference, the race they were born into, especially when they involve  threats. Racism, or the belief that others are inferior, is the foundation for hate and the potential destruction of the democracy we  share.

Finally, we need to take a woman’s right to choose out of politics. It does NOT belong there! The new administration has threatened to take this fundamental right of women away. They also plan to defund Planned Parenthood. Do you realize how many people are served through this organization for other health situations?

Planned Parenthood provides sexual and reproductive health care, education, information, and outreach to nearly five million women, men, and adolescents worldwide in a single year.  80% of services are meant to prevent unintended pregnancy. In fact only 3% of their health services involve abortion.  See more at:

Having an abortion is a personal choice and I’d imagine not one anyone would make lightly. It’s probably one of the most difficult decisions a woman, a couple or perhaps a family could ever make. Why are men (and yes, some women too) allowed to enforce this? What gives them this right? It’s okay to disagree with these decisions. It’s not okay to make a woman’s PERSONAL decision for her. This is another, if more subtle form, of spreading the hate.We need to get the right to choose/pro-life agendas out of politics and focus on what the real issues are.

Bottom line, if we really want to be “great again” – Hillary had it right – we are STRONGER TOGETHER. And that means all of us – every gender, race, religion, sexual preference,  physical challenge, etc………


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