Posted by: Suzan | July 20, 2016

Reach Deep into Our Hearts



Reach into our hearts – go deep

To the space that never falls asleep.

To the soul of the matter,

Our place of pure perfection,

Where humanity is one.


Where we all shed tears for this world

Its pain and suffering unfurled.

A man in a truck running over a crowd

As if he’s a child with toy soldiers all lined up

With a Tonka truck screaming,

“Whee Hoo

I’m gonna get you.”

The idea that any lunatic can wipe us out

As they lurk in the shadows,

We shout and turn about

To face the demons

And pray them away,

Yet they stay.

There are no answers.

Lives shattered

As if they never mattered

And this is so UNTRUE

Because the “other” is also a part of ME and YOU.


Wherever we live

However we pray, or not,

Whatever color our skin,

We are all the same — women and men!


Please God help us. Guide our way

To welcome in each day.

To trust more especially when evil can be in store.


Give us the might

To keep shining our light

Especially in the darkness,

The blackest of night.

Grant us peace

May the terror – cease.

Help us to reach out to others

Without any druthers.

To love more

And allow our hearts, not fear, to guide us to the “shore.”


art and poetry: by Suzan Tusson-McNeil


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