Posted by: Suzan | June 29, 2016

Making Room in My Heart for Me



Loving myself unconditionally is

Standing in my heart of courage.

It’s using my voice

To speak up,

Stand up,

Standing for me

And what I want.

It’s the willingness to confront.

It’s sometimes blunt.

It’s getting to the “heart of the matter”

Not about being “flattered.”

It’s the truth

And standing in the middle of it.

Holding on to my wit

Standing firm – unwilling to sit.

Claiming my voice

As my only choice.

Allowing it out

With no need to shout.

It’s about the song

And how I belong

To community

So it becomes more a part of me.

It’s like the tree

Growing deeper roots.

That’s how I want to be.

Unconditional love is feeling the shaky ground

And not running away.

It’s not about getting lost – it’s getting found.

It’s keeping negative thoughts at bay.

It’s giving my voice – a say!



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