Posted by: Suzan | December 14, 2010

What is it to be a Woman?

Desire, longing for the feminine.

The delicate yet bold.

The fiery yet soft.

She is contrasts of both.

To be a woman, a sexual being loving with intensity yet true to herself.

She’s an advocate for her own growth.

 To be a woman is to dress with flow yet know where she longs to go.

To be strong and push forward yet also to be aware of when to go slow.

Discerning and ever knowing because she trusts her internal compass.

Doesn’t spend days on ‘fuss.’

She’s more about gusto and living,

And she’s sincere with her giving.

 A woman has virtue for when she’s on the wrong course she’s willing to start anew.

She doesn’t dilly dally all the while long.

Doesn’t complain like the playing over and over of that same old song.

A woman is substance and power yet gentle.

She reaches and touches and stirs up those along her path.

And doesn’t hold in her wrath.

 To be a woman is to deal with life and handle strife.

She cries when needed allowing herself to express.

Knows how to be with her duress.

When down, she reaches out for a caress.

Loves to gather in groups eager to support other women,

Desiring to be a part of community, she contributes again.

 To be a woman is to want to feel more beautiful inside and out

While she carries herself with finesse.

No more droopy shoulders or tilted face.

She exudes warmth and confidence

And no longer lives from all over the place

Consuming so much space.

She calls out for SIMPLICITY

To allow the feminine within her to be set free.


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