Posted by: Suzan | October 18, 2010

Bee-AWare of the Buzz in Anza Borrego Desert


Saturday morning we awakened to a loud buzzing hum outside of our pop-up camper in Blair Valley, Anza Borrego Desert. We’d arrived Friday evening for a week-end escape from all of life’s noises. The desert has always been a place for us to savor silence. Other than occasional wind drafts, we normally only hear the flapping of bird’s wings above.

 We peeled back the window coverings and saw bees of different varieties. Honey bees, along with a blackish-reddish variety, swarmed around our camper. Jim poked his head out of the door and noticed about 100 of them diving at the top of our camper to lap up the early morning moisture. We first thought the left-overs from our traditional apple pie from Julian Pie Company which we picked up on our way may have lured them in. Yet in this arid desert the bees only wanted to quench their thirst.

 I wondered if their purpose had been to deliver a message since they were undeterred by the blazing sun. Even the scorching rays nearing 100 degrees didn’t send them on their way. Many stayed on to create more buzz around our camper.

 I then reflected on what bees are all about: community; workers; assertive yet often more bark than bite; annoying like complaints as they drone on and on; focused on one single-minded purpose; and they will sting when provoked. They may be small yet fiery, pesky creatures yet I do give them this. They’re clear on what they want and which direction they’re going.

 Whether or not the bees purposefully came to communicate a message, I chose to listen. I heard about the need for community and partnership–to let go of being the ‘lone wolf.’ To stop complaining about what isn’t working and concentrate on what will. To narrow my focus so that the Universe will know what it is I want and be able to support it. Isn’t this true for so many of us?

 Muhammad Ali once said, “Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee.” There are times in life when it is necessary to create support, a strong buzz like a community of bees. ‘Bee’ willing to put it out there. Sometimes it is important to show one’s stinger and ‘bee’ fierce rather than a ‘victim of life’s circumstances.’

 Often the clarity we seek is right in front of us, if we dare to listen. Bzzzzzzz….


  1. I like your reminder to remember the value of community and that we can accomplish so much more when we join with others. Thank you Suzan for reminding me that nature is a great teacher.


  2. You are so welcome Gina. I’m reminded of the acronym for TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More! So true! And yes, nature is an amazing mirror too. Such the professor in this school called LIFE.



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