Posted by: Suzan | August 16, 2010


*Inspired by my 10th wedding anniversary mountain climb – San Jacinto, Idyllwild, CA with Jim and our friends from the Whitney climb 10 years ago!


 Oh how I yearn for thee

 Time to merely be

 Stop running to and fro

 Less activity by saying NO.


 Oh, please set me free

To live a natural me.

 To rest, to relax,

 To know no worry.


 Like the rooted tree,

A simple key,Which opens the door

To so much more

 Of who I really long to be.


 Like the gentle, expansive sea

 Can I rest in your waters?

And sway to your decree? 

As in a hammock with its crocheted edges enfolding me.


 Can I learn to release attachments

My squeeze on life – the hold

 Please guide me to the people and places

Where I can allow my full life to unfold.


Of time and endless appointments

 All man-made, yet surreal

 What if for once my calendar lay empty,

 What would this reveal?

 Ah for the life of simplicity

 Where nothing can dare hide

 Where bare truth can confide

 Where peace and love reside.




  1. Simply… wonderful !
    I love this: please guide me to the people and places where I can allow my full life to unfold.


  2. Glad you enjoyed my poem! Suzan



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