Posted by: Suzan | March 30, 2010

Learning from the Ancients (Redwood Trees)

Have you ever stood amongst a grove of towering Redwoods? The silence lingers longer. Dropping to one’s knees in prayer is not uncommon, no matter one’s persuasion. There is a sacredness which permeates this land.  For they grace our earth at 5-700 feet high with diameters of 8-20 feet. They reflect our ancient history, having seen the likes of dinosaurs in their day.

Yet, the Redwoods have much to teach us on how to survive and even, thrive. The Coastal Redwoods actually require fog to flourish. They cannot reach their true size without this moisture. This reminds me of how life can cloud up around us, and we may shrink in confusion. Yet every time ‘our fog’ lifts, we learn new lessons, painful or otherwise, and we GROW.

 The Redwoods have intricate survival mechanisms. If they catch on fire, the trees char and form a heat shield for protection. Their chemical composition is distasteful for ants and termites, and they are resistant to water rot. If a tree is knocked over, it begins to grow anew through its limbs!

 Wouldn’t it help us to be more like the Redwoods in having thicker skins? By setting clearer boundaries with others and not becoming so disturbed by other’s words, behaviors, or choices.  What if we did not allow anyone or anything to get ‘under our skin’? When we make mistakes, why not brush ourselves off and press on again, in a new way. We can allow the Redwoods to point the way. Even when fallen, they move forward.  They exemplify, “If there is a will, there is a way.” 

Finally, the Redwoods know the power in forging a strong community. They do not go it alone. They have shallow root systems (6 to 12 feet) so they live close together joining with other root systems thus, supporting life for all. What if we could reach out in unison to one another as freely? What would our lives be like if we created such strong connection?

The Ancients have much wisdom to share with us. Let us lean in, listen, and learn.


  1. Wonderful words of wisdom Suzan. I really enjoyed the imagery of the ancient redwoods. You’ve provided even more reason for me to feel awe in their presence.


    • Thank you Gina. Nature is such a nurturer, and I love to share her wisdom.


  2. What a beautiful reflection, Suzan. For me it’s a pleasure to dwell among these majestic trees and take in all their gifts.


  3. Thanks, Karen. I know you truly understand the glory and positive power of Mother Nature! Her Redwoods are only one example.



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