Posted by: Suzan | December 22, 2009

If Not in 2010, then WHEN?

Do you have a dream you long to fulfill? What would it be like for you to create a plan to reach it and to receive the encouragement to make it happen?

So often our dreams remain dreams. We figure ‘some day’ we’ll be motivated enough to go for it. Not now. Later.

My husband, Jim, and me – we had a dream to travel around the world exploring cultures, lands, and creating adventures together. We desired to roam around while our bodies could still do so especially the challenging mountain climbs. We didn’t know when we’d experience this though we had talked about it for more than 10 years.

Years ago I offered women’s monthly inspirational/hiking programs with a different theme each time. One month the theme was ‘Travel Dreams.’ Someone shared her vision to travel the globe with her husband to remote places where she may not be able to venture to later in life. I couldn’t get her dream out of my head. One part of me said, ‘Not now. Your life is so perfect. Wait until it isn’t. Then go.’

I’d landed an ideal part-time contractor position for a non-profit and also ran a successful coaching business. I had the best of two worlds. Jim had a difficult to come by corporate pharmaceutical position. How could we let this all go?

Fortunately another part of me, my quiet, inner-voice piped up, “If not now, then when? None of us is promised tomorrow.”

Jim and I began seriously discussing our world travel dream and started researching it with a fury. We then made the commitment to ourselves to relinquish it as a dream and name it as an intention in 2006. When we declared to the Universe how serious we were; everything fell into alignment to make our travel vision a reality. Our property manager walked in and rented our home for the full 14 months of our journey. We negotiated and she allowed us to use one of our garages as our ‘storage.’ We even cashed in all of our frequent flier miles and greatly reduced the cost of our trip.

In December of 2006 we began the fulfillment of our huge life dream – to see the world NOW. Not to wait for some illustrious date of retirement when we may not have our health or enough finances. In fact, had we not sold stock from our retirement plan and used this to fund the majority of our travels –we would have lost it all when the economy dipped for the stock plummeted to nothing.

If you feel ready to make your dream your reality, then my Life Mapping Discovery Session is the best decision you can make for the New Year. This is a powerful learning experience which will clarify your current values and intentions. Together we create your action plan; look at what may get in your way in the process; and develop solid strategies for you to move skillfully around any perceived obstacles. I’m offering a tremendous value for anyone who enrolls in January, 2010 ($100.00 off of the 2 hour session and am including a free 30 minute follow-up coaching session as a bonus).
To book your session or to ask any questions, please call me at 858-384-2607.

Your dreams deserve your attention. They long to be fulfilled. If not in 2010, then WHEN?


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