Posted by: Take Flight | November 9, 2009

Escape into the Desert Landscape


Blair Valley, Borrego Springs, CA

Inspired by Camping Trip – Blair Valley, Borrego Springs, CA
11-6 – 11-8-09

What a view.
Feel the stillness.
Nothing to do –
Yet lean into this caress.

Carefree –
So much space to BE.
Rugged mountains ahead.
Nothing needs to be said.

The swirl of clouds enmeshed with patterns of light blue.
Cacti of various shapes and sizes reach out, stretch as they whisper, “Renew.”
As far as I can see is this desert land before me
Reminding me to “Allow.”
I can even release – “How?”

I’ll leave it here in this very sand
As I once again understand.
A brown, fuzzy tarantula creeps over to bid his hello
And his message is, “Be bigger my dear – let yourself grow.
Be as expansive as this desert terrain.
Let any desires for smallness remain.”

Look all around you and carry this vision home
Give yourself a much bigger playground
For your creativity and heart to roam!

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